Embracing a Unique Artistic Vision and an Awesome Black Dragon Kimono

Do your own thing, and express yourself in any way that makes you happy.
— Mia

The Face Behind the Fashion: Mia

When given a canvas and a pencil, the possibilities are endless. Art is what we decide to make of it, and we can mold it to our own vision. Mia, today's October fashion featured individual, says she's always been an odd person, at least with her interests. As an artist, she extends a lot of her personality and these interests into her work. Mia has always loved manipulating the way things appear in nature, and a lot of her inspiration comes from horror, the unusual, and the freaky, giving her influence from extremes most people wouldn't think to draw from. She's done pieces of a human with a sunflower head dancing under the moon, cat skulls that have pierced tongues with fish floating around, skeletal deer, and lions with exposed muscle layers just to name a few. 

A couple of challenges arise from delving into this kind of unique art. As Mia mentions, it's important to understand proportions that naturally occur in order to find the best way to manipulate them. You have to get the basics before you begin to get crazy. If you don't first grasp how the actual human body looks or how animals or objects behave, it would be impossible to stylize them. With a distinctive and peculiar form of art, Mia also gets a lot of criticism by teachers and students. This use to be very discouraging, but she's learned to be indifferent to these opinions. Art is not about impressing others but to make them question contemporary ideas and think differently. 

Never be afraid to step out of the box. It's crucial to be different because different is notable, and repetition is terribly boring. A lot of people feel the need to conform and feel a sense of security in following the status quo. Although branching out into a separate path can receive a lot of judgment, it's also highly rewarding. For Mia, knowing that she's made something that is her own, not some generic flower or animal, warrants a sense of personal pride. Truly, art is for ourselves too. Our own opinion of our work is always the most important. As for other artists who might be afraid to stray from the usual path, Mia says to do your own thing and express yourself in any way that makes you happy. 

The Details of a Superb Fall Kimono Outfit

For today's style inspiration, Mia has on the perfect fall outfit. It's a bit of Japanese inspired fashion and is centered around an awesome black dragon kimono. Recently, kimonos have been getting a lot of great attention in western style although most tend to be floral, making Mia's more one of a kind. As for the other parts of her outfit, Mia has on a pair of black lace up combat boots that match a classic crop top. Together, they help to create this darker palette. Finally, she's wearing ladies' ripped skinny jeans. If you're looking for a new clothing idea this season, Mia's got an amazing one!

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