The Obstacles Faced in Finding Acceptance and Classic Streetwear Vibes

If you’re happy with yourself, you’ll be happy in life.
— Sal

The Face Behind the Fashion: Salvator

Not everyone has a sense of tolerance and acceptance, and that can be a pretty difficult thing to deal with. Salvator is today's October fashion featured individual, and he has given an insight to his story of coming out as gay and the challenges he's faced as a result. Sal has always been aware that he was different than most people and around twelve or thirteen, knew he was gay. He calls himself lucky because his parents were very accepting, which Sal knows is not going to be the case with everyone. Sal says his parents had known for a while before telling them which he feels gave them time to process how they might react. 

Friends and family don't see Sal any differently for being gay, as it should be, but unfortunately, not everyone is like that. Some people have made it clear to Sal that they don't like him on the basis of his sexuality, but he's learned to toss those comments aside. By being angry or depressed, we succumb to exactly what others want. At the end of the day, it's a few negative people out of around seven billion.  There are also a lot of guys who judge Sal because they automatically assume that just because he's gay, he's attracted to them, which is far from the truth. There are a lot of assumptions made about the LGBT community that are often not correct.

Sal knows well that there are those who are scared to come out about their sexuality because of the ridicule they could face. They fear that their family and friends would look at them differently as a result. Yet, it's not the worst thing that could happen. Salvator is mindful that people who don't accept you aren't worth the time to stress over. By having the freedom to be your true self, you'll be more happy with who you are which leads to more happiness in life. Sal also believes that how we act, how we speak, or what we stand for are much more important traits than our sexuality. It's only through this level of understanding that we can build a better, more open community.

Leaning Towards a More Vintage Street Style

For today's fall fashion inspiration, Sal's wearing a look that has elements of the vintage street style that has reoccurred in today's trends. First, he's wearing a pair of black canvas old skool Vans which lead to a pair of straight fit, classic denim jeans which are a nice change up from the tighter pants we tend to wear. Sal's top is a white Guns and Roses tee that still carries that late 80s vibe, and finally, he has on a green bomber jacket to finish the look. Although bomber jackets were very popular last fall, they still stand as a superb choice regardless. For an October apparel idea, look no further than Sal's rocking outfit.

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