The Two Sides of Being a Tall Woman + A Bomber Jacket and Velvet Heels Outfit

Love your long legs because they’re the only two you’ll ever have.
— Katrina

The Face Behind the Fashion: Katrina

Tall and beautiful are two words that describe today's featured October fashion individual, Katrina, but she used to be very insecure about her height. At 5'9", Katrina was often taller or just as tall as most guys and felt that they never fully saw her as a "girl." She would shrug her shoulders or walk with a hunch in order to seem shorter, but the older Katrina got, the more she realized the judgment was only temporary. At the time, her school didn't have a lot of guys over 6 feet or girls taller than 5'6", but when Katrina began spending more time either in New York or traveling, her height became less of a concern. As she further exposed herself to a broader world, she actually started to feel shorter.

Katrina's involvement in the world of modeling has changed her view on the height standard. In the modeling world, Katrina mentions that she is considered short. A lot of her friends are actually around 5'11" or even taller, and that's without heels. A 5'9", Katrina says she's only at the minimum and sometimes for certain casting calls, that isn't enough. It's crazy how perspective can differ. Modelling has also made Katrina realize she's not alone and there are thousands of other women who take pride in their long legs. After all, these are the kinds of girls that go on to become Victoria secret models, every man's dream. Tall girls are meant for so much more than "playing sports like basketball" and the same idea goes for tall men as well.

Just like the gorgeous women in modeling, Katrina has learned to love her higher stature. Her long legs are beneficial in dance and give a competitive edge in swimming. She can reach things on any shelf or easily spot friends in a crowd. Katrina's height gives her a larger presence in the room. Nowadays, she's hardly insecure about her height. As for advice for other girls who are in a similar situation, Katrina voices that they should appreciate their length but not because others might find it attractive. Rather, it should be a personal decision of self-love, so stand up straight and be proud! At the end of the day, it's a wonderful thing to be tall, short, or perhaps somewhere in between. We can't change the way we are our and might as well love ourselves with the one pair of legs we are ever going to get.

A Combo of Velvet Heels and a Light Pink Bomber Jacket

For a bit of October fashion, Katrina is wearing a mix of street and sophistication for any woman of any height. First, she's got on lovely blue velvet heels, something she would have been scared to wear before but completely embraces now. It's hard to believe that heels were not part of her wardrobe at one point. Next, Katrina's wearing a a pair ladies' ripped skinny jeans followed by a white button down shirt. Underneath her top is a silver bralette and completing the look is a fabulous ladies' pink bomber jacket that carries a bit of that street element. Definitely, Katrina is providing a great taste of fall fashion inspiration!

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