From Goals on the Fields to a Shirt Dress + Flannel Outfit on the Airstrip

It feels like the seven years flew by so quick.
— Mary

The Face Behind the Fashion: Mary

Time flies. One day you're starting middle school and before you know it, you're almost done with high school. Today's November fashion featured individual is Mary, and after seven years and seven seasons, field hockey has come to an end. It was a sport that at first was just a recommendation to try from her dad but quickly turned into a central pillar of school life. Although she was quickly passionate about field hockey, there was one major problem for her team: they started playing late. Mary and the other girls began at 11 and 12 when the opportunity to play opened. This age made them much farther behind other towns who had leagues for girls far younger. Instead of learning advanced concepts, Mary and her team were still learning the ropes, presenting significant difficulties they had to overcome the older they got. 

Regardless of adversity, Mary's field hockey team put in the time and effort to better themselves. During the summer, they had practice six days a week, waking up at 5 AM. But work comes with reward, and the girls of Mary's team have been breaking through. She calls her senior season the most successful having made their New Jersey Shore Conference for the second time in twelve years. Her only regret is not being able to win her recent New Jersey States game. After having control of the majority of the match, the girls got scored on in the last thirty seconds, a hard defeat for an otherwise successful run. Although winning means a lot, there is also another very important aspect of Mary's field hockey experience. 

Field hockey has become such a vital activity to Mary in big part due to her teammates who she's been with since the beginning. The sport is unique, and it took a unique batch of girls to stay committed for this long. The girls have watched the sport rise to great popularity in the school with increasingly more new players. Mary calls her teammates dependable and trustworthy and says everyone is very close, building strong chemistry from playing so long together. She mentions that this chemistry is the basis for good performance on the field and was built by frequent team outings and pasta parties. By making great friends and through seven years of playing, Mary has become more dedicated, responsible, motivated, and mature as a result. 

Strutting on the Airstrip with a Rocking Fall Outfit

Leaving the field and heading to this awesome abandoned airstrip, Mary is presenting her flavor of fall fashion inspiration. Starting with the shoes, she is first wearing a pair of women's dark brown combat boots to establish the darker flavor of colors. Next, she has on a burgundy t-shirt dress that acts as a nice base for a navy and red flannel that is either tied or worn. Alongside a lovely necklace and knit socks, Mary embodies the flair of the fall season. 

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