Preparing for a Future in Pharmaceuticals + Rollin' with a Modern Tie Dye Look

It would be emotionally rewarding to be able to truly help people everyday.
— Devan

The Face Behind the Fashion: Devan

Always dream big and always work hard. The combination of those two can take you to a lot of places. Devan, today's November fashion featured individual, aspires to work in the corporate pharmaceuticals industry. It's the same field his mother is currently in, and he knows she'd be flattered and proud that he'd be following in similar footsteps. Pharmaceuticals make for a superb medical career rigorously involving both chemistry and biology, two subjects Devan is proficient in, and it is also business that involves today's top technology. Although with a great goal, there comes a lot of difficult challenges that Devan faces in his near educational future. 

One of the biggest difficulties is entering into tough pharmacy schools such as nearby Rutgers or Temple, and then spending roughly six or seven years in order to obtain a doctorate. Any medical tract is academically extreme, and a lot of students end up dropping. Being aware of this, Devan is well preparing himself now in high school, taking college-level biology, anatomy, and calculus. By presenting himself with these subjects in advance, he's given a significant advantage. By doing well in these courses, Devan will also be given the opportunity to transfer the classes to college credit, saving him money on an otherwise expensive education to come. 

Many people work for money, power, and status, and although a career in pharmacy addresses all three of these, Devan sees an emotional reward in knowing that he's playing a role in developing new medicine. Of course, today's issues are centering around new drugs that battle complications such as aging, Alzheimer's, various forms of cancer, or even the common cold. By wanting to involve himself in a heavily scientific occupation, Devan hopes to work towards the betterment of the human future. As our longer lifespans come with increasingly more health problems, it is important that young people inherit a drive to participate in the medical field for the benefit of us all. 

Rolling with the Red and Black Tie Dye tee

Changing gears, Devan is presenting his own fall street style for the month of November. Shot on the Henry Hudson Trail, his outfit is complemented by the beautiful changing leaves of the season. Starting with the kicks, Devan is wearing a pair of high top Air Force Ones that begin the predominately black colors of his look. Next, he has on a pair of men's chino pants that leads to a Levi's coach jacket. As for a pop of color, Dev's rocking a red and black tie-dye tee, and finally, to top it all off, Devan's wearing a cozy beanie. With using only three colors, Devan gives a great taste of his fall fashion inspiration. 

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