The Road to Pediatrics + Rainy Outfit Vibes in Shades of Green

I want to spend the rest of my life positively affecting people.
— Sarah

The Face Behind the Fashion: Sarah

Our experiences shape who we want to become. When we see others give back, we are compelled to follow in a similar manner. Today's November fashion featured outfit, wearing a lovely green outfit, is Sarah whose experiences in medical situations have inspired her to pursue a career as a doctor, similar to this week's earlier post. Sarah's always been exceptional in giving aid to others and wants to spend the rest of her life positively affecting those around her. She also shows that preparing to be a doctor and helping out in the medical community is something you don't have to wait to do because she's getting involved right now. 

Sarah's first shifted her studies to more science courses which she has been doing very well in. Her professor, a former surgeon, has found her to be exceptionally bright (I agree, sitting right in front of her). Yet, Sarah has been preparing herself outside the classroom as well. She's been volunteering with the nonprofit organization, Coping with Laryngomalacia, which was started locally by the relatives of Sarah's art instructor. In this program, Sarah aids the families of infants who have been affected by the disease. In helping these young children, Sarah has also decided that she would like to follow a more pediatric route in the medical field. 

Sarah is familiar with the hard and diligent work of doctors. As a young girl, she spent around a month in the hospital for burns and skin graphing and more recently had hip surgery. She is also aware of what it takes to become such a doctor. Sarah knows that she will be pushed to the max during this medical education and is ready to pull all-nighters and drink endless cups of coffee to succeed. Certainly, we will need doctors as well as researchers, nurses, and other scientific professions. As Sarah knows, the pursuit of science and medicine has always been a crucial part of our educational and occupational future but also the future of our society. 

A Green Outfit for a Rainy Day

For a bit of fall fashion inspiration, Sarah is wearing green rainy day outfit. A lot of the time we associate rain with yellow clothing, but changing it up is always a breath of fresh air. Starting with the tops, Sarah has on a knit light tan cardigan over a green long sleeve shirt. Around her neck is also a gold colored necklace that matches her blonde hair. For the bottoms, she's wearing a pair of ripped light wash jeans which transition into her awesome dark green rain boots. With a smile, Sarah is presenting her style of rainy November fashion. 

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