On Your Feet After a Major Surgery + A Diverse Fall Palette in One Lovely Outfit

Life throws you a million curve balls, and you gotta be ready to take them all.
— Savannah

The Face Behind the Fashion: Savannah

Out of nowhere, the most unexpected things can happen that knock us off our feet. Now, we have the decision to say down or get back up. Savannah is today's awesome November fashion featured individual, and although she's still facing her biggest challenge, Savannah does not stop pursuing her ambitions. Early in the summer, Savannah had been dealing with an intense pain which after a trip to the hospital was revealed to be a large cyst attached to her spleen. The organ was enlarging at an alarming rate, and it left Savannah shocked that such a thing could happen. As a result of her condition, last July, she had to undergo a splenectomy, a complete removal of her spleen. 

Any major operation is something is be very nervous over, but family and trained medical staff kept Savannah calm and ready for what was about to happen. Due to the size of the cyst, Savannah's surgery had to be open as opposed to the less invasive laparoscopic procedure. Doctors had to cut through nerves and muscle which made for a painful recovery of about two months. During the first two weeks in the hospital, it was difficult to walk, and most of her days were spent watching movie marathons or getting visited by relatives and friends. It was even difficult to eat regularly. After being released, there were still difficulties to face.

The removal of her spleen comes with the consequence of a weaker immune system, and so as a result, Savannah must take medicine twice daily. Having stomach pains and becoming lightheaded have also become common occurrences since the operation. Although Savannah experiences these setbacks, she doesn't let them get in the way of her goals and is still an active member of her varsity cheer team. Through her journey, Savannah has realized that life can throw a million different curveballs and you must be ready to take them all. She also credits her recovery to the great support from family and friends. For Savannah, having loved ones walk into the situation with nothing but open arms and compassion has definitely been the best form of treatment. 

A Lovely and Colorful Fall Outfit

If you're wondering how to dress for fall, Savannah has a splendid look made up of fashion staples of the season. Her layered outfit starts with a cozy knit pink sweater underneath a women's green quilted vest. To further add to the warmth, Savannah has a red and blue plaid blanket scarf around her neck that drapes nicely over the other tops. As for the bottoms, Savannah is wearing a pair of ladies ripped skinny jeans that cut off above of a pair of brown fall booties. Looking at the full outfit, her palette is made up of many darker shades of brown, blue, green, pink, and red which together portray an array of great fall colors. Thus, Savannah has created a lovely idea for fall fashion inspiration. 

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