Developing Long Lasting Dedication + A Jacket, Jeans, and Converse Look

There’s always a beginning to things, so you just have to get through it.
— Brianna

The Face Behind the Fashion: Brianna

There are certain sports and certain seasons that draw larger than usual emotion. These kinds of experiences can inspire a long dedication. Brianna, today's fall street style individual, gives her view of field hockey, similar to Mary from earlier on in the month. For Brianna, it was extremely tough to let go of this past season. Every game and practice was enjoyable. Although she loves playing softball too, there's just a special aura that revolves around field hockey. What began as just another sport has turned into a key pinnacle of her high school's athletics. She can only hope that the girls continue to improve into next year, her final year.

One major problem with high school sports is that students graduate. Brianna was once fresh to the varsity team but is now an upperclassmen leader for the defense section. It feels great to be able to set an example for the new players but it's also difficult to see older, key players leave at the same time. Although difficulty is to come, Brianna's learned not to give up. Like many of us at certain points, she's once had thoughts of quitting, but if she did, Brianna would have never started on varsity. If we decide to leave our goals now, we may never know what will come of them. By working hard, Brianna herself has become a key player on the field.

This year, Brianna's had to delicately juggle both softball and field hockey. She's always had a great passion for softball, but this season Brianna has really grown her drive for field hockey. It's a sport like no other. She describes field hockey as an intensely involved game where there are many different aspects. You might have the same position, but every time you play, you find yourself doing something new. There's a level of innovation and creativity that isn't always found in Brianna's other sport of softball. Regardless of which sport or how it's played, Bri recommends taking part in any kind of athletics, and even if you're not, it's never too late to start.

Chillin' with a Jacket and Jeans 

For today's November fashion and fall street style, Brianna's put together a calm and cool outfit. Starting with the shoes, Bri's wearing a pair of classic, white, low top converse alongside some cozy socks. As for the pants, she has on ripped light wash jeans that flow up to a knit white crop top, establishing the lighter colors. To contrast with a darker hue, Brianna's also wearing the centerpiece of her look, the striped bomber jacket in a deep purple-red. All put together, she's created a great set of apparel for our fall inspiration needs. 

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