The Brother Born in Another Country + A Navy Parka Look for the Winter

Family means everything. I mean, without family, what do you have?
— Mergim

The Face Behind the Fashion: Mergim

As the holiday season begins, we also begin to think more and more about our family. Today's November into December fashion featured individual is Mergim, a suave young man proud of his Albanian heritage. He reflects on his growing relationship with his cousin, Bekim, who came to American from Albanian only a couple of months ago. Prior to arriving in American, Bekim and Gim had only met twice having a typical cousin relationship. Now, these young men live under the same roof, and although they were born in two different countries, Bekim and Mergim have clicked in a way only brothers can. To Gim, having his new brother around means the world to him. 

Bekim and Gim have their similarities and their differences. Gim has always been an athlete, playing a lot of basketball and hanging out at night while Bekim is very studious, hoping to become an engineer. Yet, they both do like to party when the opportunity arises. You would think that since one came from a first world country and the other a third world, their childhoods would be contrasting, but they aren't. Living in Albania, Bekim has seen constant crime even including drive-bys, and living most of his life in Linden, New Jersey, Gim has seen gun violence at local parks and drug exchanges outside his apartment. Despite the tough conditions they've witnessed, both of them are family men, take pride in their culture, and are always seeking adventure. 

Developing their bond along the way, Bekim and Gim went on a road trip during the summer to Detroit, Chicago, and into Canada. They enjoyed all the cities they went to, especially the nightlife each one offered. Gim's favorite city had to be up in Toronto which he and Bekim partied and toured in. By being able to view people from all different locations and backgrounds, Gim learned that everyone is always looking for happiness and to get ahead. At the same time, he says, people can get sidetracked on their quest for success and forget about family. No matter where life takes him, Gim will always value the relationship he's built with Bekim because, in the end, family is all we've got. 

The Beginning of Winter Fashion Inspiration

It's brutally cold outside, and it's time to bring out the thick layers. For today's winter fashion inspiration, Gim is bringing his men's look that's ready to battle the low temps. Starting at the bottom, he has on a pair of wheat lace-up boots from Zara, a nice brand change from the regular Timberlands. Then, he has on classic denim jeans followed by a multi-colored flannel shirt. Finally, to keep warm, Gim is wearing a navy fur-lined parka that continues the darker vibe of winter fashion. Catch more of Gim, his style, his adventures, and his modeling career on his Instagram @mergim_gjyriqi

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