Overcoming Childhood Challenges + Leather Jacket and Turtleneck Look

Remain optimistic.
— Gia

The Face Behind the Fashion: Gia

Everyone has their insecurities and their difficulties. What matters is not how these things affect us, but what we do to overcome them. For today's fall into winter fashion inspiration, Gia takes the spotlight and speaks of growing up visually impaired to point where neither glasses or surgery would work. At first, Gia says, it served as a hindrance in many situations whenever she tried to fit into socially or academically. Today's fashionista felt a little misplaced, but she learned to adapt and overcome. Once Gia was able to accept that she had it a bit different and moved past her insecurity about it, things seemed to change for the better.

Gia's visual difficulties have arisen a few problems. It can be a challenge to maneuver a crowded hallway or recognize friends from a distance. Seeing the board in a classroom setting is also a bit of issue, but instead, Gia's learned to develop a keen ear and focus on listening. Thanks to the benefits of technology, her phone also comes in handy, much more than just checking social media. She's able to take photos of things she can't make out so well like a menu or a paper and enlarge the font. In order to supplement her studies in school, Gia also makes sure to review chapters and notes in order to make sure she didn't miss anything. 

No one lives a perfect life, but it's all about the mindset. Gia's advice to others in a similar situation is to always remain optimistic. What seems to be a hard time now may only be a small nuance in the future. Gia's still very able to pursue her goals too. She's in a plethora of advanced placement courses and is also an avid swimmer and pianist. Regardless of her condition, Gia is capable to succeed in whatever she sets her mind to. Sometimes it requires a bit more work, but it's always worth it. You may not always be able to change your situations or conditions, but you can always change how you approach dealing with them. 

Gia's Style of November into December Fashion

Gia is sharing her style of November into December, fall into winter fashion. First, she's wearing a pair women's lace-up boots that match with her ladies' black leather moto jacket. Always a classic through the seasons, Gia also has on a pair of ripped denim jeans. Finally, for that pop of color which goes well with the last of the fall leaves, she is rocking an orange turtleneck shirt. All put together, Gia's giving an awesome flavor of early winter fashion. 

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