Breaking Free of Expectations and a Cozy Patterned Cardigan

Being a younger sibling of a high achieving person sets an exceptionally high bar.
— Alina

The Face Behind the Fashion: Alina

Today's cultural norms come with a lot of high expections for our youth. By the little sibling of a successful person, the bar can be set even higher, and that's pretty scary. It leaves that sibling wondering what others will think if he or she doesn't reach it. The November fashion featured individual of the day is Alina, and living up to her older sister, Mariel, is quite the challenge. Mariel is currently enrolled in one of the nation's most prestigious universities, Colombia. Alina was extremely proud of her sister's accomplishment and was also incredibly happy she wouldn't be far from home in New Jersey. At the same time, a great pressure was set on Alina to match such a standard.

The truth, explored in the post of Brielle two weeks prior, is that siblings are two different people who are similar but not the same. Alina says it's hard to be in someone else's shadow especially under an exceptionally intelligent sister, but she's learned to shine in her own unique ways. For one, Alina is incredibly athletic and has a wonderful drive for soccer. She's extremely outgoing too and has no fear of craziness.  Alina's also developed a strong sense of individualism and independence as a result of being her own person. At the same time, both girls are extremely motivated, and like Mariel, Alina herself is also very smart. 

Alina mentions that the one good thing out of having a high achieving sister like Mariel is that she's pushed to be the best version of herself she can be. It makes her want to be work even harder. Yet, the two sisters don't let any sense of competitiveness interfere with their relationship. When they're together, which happens a lot less often then it use to, the girls leave behind their long resumes and enjoy being sisters as well as friends. As for advice for other little brothers and sisters, Alina details that we are each unique and that we don't need to change ourselves in order to fulfill what other people think we should be. Live happy, live your own life, and follow your own path. 

A Cozy Cardigan for Your Fall Wardrobe

Fall fashion just calls for an assortment of layers, something you just couldn't do so easily in the summer. Alina's awesome November outfit has the centerpiece of a long, patterned cardigan that embodies a sense of coziness. The cardigan's bold color of dark red and attractive designs make it a nice eye catcher as well. Underneath, Alina's wearing a white knit sweater and around the neck, has on a brown and beige scarf. As for the pants, she's wearing a pair of classic, ripped, denim jeans held by a Michael Kors belt. This season is also for shoes, and Alina is walking with ladies' brown combat boots. By mixing a lot of warm fall knits and fall staples, Alina creates a splendid and delightful outfit.  

Boots (Nordstrom), Jeans (Abercrombie), Sweater (PacSun), Cardigan (PacSun), Scarf (Lucki Clover)