Finding Yourself in a Sea of New Faces + Colorful Leggings, Purses, and Coats

There will come a day where you feel like an outsider, but always remember that there is a place for you.
— Olivia

The Face Behind the Fashion: Olivia

There will come a day when you feel like an outsider, out of place. Most kids these days can't imagine moving and leaving behind everything and everyone they've known, but in certain circumstances, it has to be done. Olivia, today's colorful December fashion featured individual, came to the town of Matawan at the age of nine while in the fourth grade. Olivia previously moved around a lot, including living in Howell and Keyport (whose library we shot in front of). Now in this new environment in Matawan, she found it difficult to find her place and to come out of her shell. It was a rather intimidating situation with most kids already developing their own cliques and circles.

Olivia remembers having trouble talking to other children and making friends because she felt shy and insecure. It was a challenge to go to school every day because she didn't speak much to anyone and felt alone. It took a while, but Olivia slowly began to socialize. She learned that no one was out to judge her, and started the process of making genuine friends that were smart, funny and had similar interests. Still, Olivia continues to have a strong relationship with many of them. In the process of discovering who her friends were, Olivia began to discover things about herself including her style and taste in music. She discovered indie bands like Vampire Weekend and The Mountain Goats and established a fashion style of bright colors and pattern mixing to create a girly, preppy aura. 

Now well into high school, Olivia finds that she's become even more daring with her style, and wears what makes her happy with no concern for outside opinion. As a person, she's no longer worried about how others perceive her personality. Olivia sees herself as far more bold and brave. Of course, she comments that a tiny part of herself will still be shy and scared to reach out to new people, but most of us are like that. Being a tad bit shy does not automatically equate to weird, awkward, or unlovable. If anything, it's quite normal. In the future, perhaps when she's off to college or the workplace, Olivia knows she will be a lot more ready to tackle novel environments having already had the experience as a kid. 

Bright and Vibrant Colors in a Dark Season

Olivia's colorful winter fashion is an extension of her much more outgoing personality, unafraid to mix different colors and patterns. For her inspiration today, Olivia's outfit begins with a pair of women's black heeled ankle boots and awesome women's yellow tights, uncommon but nonetheless fabulous. Next, she's wearing a classic denim skirt that nicely compliments the yellow hues as well as a women's black turtleneck top. Finally, Liv is rocking a vibrant green coat and a blue and yellow floral purse. With a palette of many different bright shades, Olivia wonderfully combines them all into a great look! 

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