Without the French Horn in France + Men's All Black Winter Outfit with Tan Boots

For the first time, I felt helpless.
— Austin

The Face Behind the Fashion: Austin 

Christmas is nearing and even though Thanksgiving's passed, it's never too late to remember what we are grateful for this year. Austin, today's source of men's winter fashion ideas, remembers the period leading up to his long stay in France. Anyone who knows Austin is aware of that music is everything to him. He knows music was what he was made for, so it was devastating to potentially leave for France with a French Horn in his hands. Without this personal source of music, it would be difficult for Austin to feel like himself in another country. Afterall, he had just got accepted to practice in Lincoln Center, so not being able to play his horn in France would hurt his artistic studies. No longer in high school, he couldn't acquire one from his former band director either.

Austin and his parents saved up money to buy a cheap horn before his departure, but even that amassed to 3,000 dollars, not exactly an amount anyone has on hand. This left Austin overseas without the one thing that made him himself. It's a part of his French experience that he leaves out because it was severely depressing. Even though he was in a beautiful country living with his grandparents, it felt as if a part of him was slowly fading by not being able to practice. Eating and going out also began to feel like a challenge. Austin spent a lot of his time listening to horn players and studying their sound for his first couple of weeks in France.

After speaking to his dad over Facetime, it was the first time Austin felt helpless. In lieu of playing the French horn, he wrote scores and a horn concerto just to ease the desire to play. Austin also worked in a lumber mill in France, which was difficult labor but helped to divert his mind. After an accident in the mill, Austin came home three months later and luckily didn't lose his playing ability. But he swore he'd never let this musical deficiency happen again. Every time Austin feels he's taking music for granted, he reminds himself of his time in Europe. Now, he feels fortunate every time he performs and plays. Austin does plan to return overseas but promises not leave for France again without the French horn. 

An All Black Outfit With Tan Chelsea Boots 

Wanting to know how to wear black? Well, Austin's got some awesome winter fashion inspiration this holiday season shot at A. Casola and Maple Leaf Farms in Holmdel, New Jersey. First, he's wearing a full zip jacket underneath a warm but stylish overcoat. As the pants, Austin has on a pair of skinny jeans, and to top off the shades of black, he's also wearing a black baseball hat. To mix it up and introduce a new color, Austin changes up the outfit with a pair of tan Chelsea boots, a popular way to add a bit of pop to outfits that consist mostly of a single tone. Leaning more on darker pieces all together, Austin's look encompasses the darker vibe of long winter nights. 

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