Going Public with the School System + Duck Boots, Vests, and Pom Pom Hats

It takes time to adjust to change.
— Olivia C.

The Face Behind the Fashion: Olivia C.

Transitions. They'll happen many times to you in many different ways, each presenting its own challenges. Olivia C, who's presenting her adventurous winter style, recalls her switch from a quiet, private Catholic middle school to a bustling public high school. Originally, Olivia was part of a small student body of around 500 students where she knew every kid and every teacher since kindergarten. As her older sister found success in the local public school system, it became time for Olivia to make the switch as well. It was rough at first. Making friends was the easy part, and Liv easily meshed with her new peers. But being placed in a new environment brought her out of her comfort zone, and she immediately thought of transferring back to the private system after freshman year. 

Olivia's new public high school was much larger with roughly 1,200 other students, well over double what she was used to. It was weird to see new faces every time. Private school was like a tiny bubble with public school being like a whole ocean. At the same time, this wider range of students from all different backgrounds served a greater advantage: exposure to diversity. Public school widened Olivia's perception, giving a more well-rounded look at what the real world is like. After spending a year adjusting to the setting and getting heavily involved in sports and student activities, Olivia decided to stay in her new high school. She realized that adjustment took some time and that the new benefits outweighed the drawbacks. 

One of the greatest perks of public school is the freedom to dress as you please. Olivia was excited to wear the clothes she wanted to after years and years of uniforms that got pretty repetitive and boring. Liv felt as if a new door had opened to express herself. Olivia has also met many amazing friends and has submerged herself in the community participating in softball, peer leadership, and the continuously rising civic leadership program. By being able to expose herself to different kinds of people, Olivia has also better prepared herself for college next year. Sometimes being thrown into new situations has a way of bringing out the best in us.

An Awesome, Adventurous Winter Style

Olivia is providing inspiration for outdoor winter fashion with an awesome, adventurous outfit. To begin, her shoes are a pair of ready-for-the-elements duck boots in tan and navy which are useful for the snow, mud, or puddles you might encounter this season. Next, Liv has on ladies ripped skinny jeans followed by a pink and navy plaid shirt. Over her top, she's also wearing a women's gray fleece vest to add another layer for added warmth. Finally, Olivia donning a cozy navy pom pom hat to perfectly complete her December fashion. 

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