The Team That has Her Back + Cozy Hoods and Stripes for the Winter

I know who will always have my back.
— Barri

The Face Behind the Fashion: Barri

What was once thought to be an unnecessary activity is now a sport that Barri, today's winter fashion featured individual, cannot live without. As it was for many other girls, Barris' mother had urged her to play even though she was convinced she'd never want to. Barri didn't believe it was a real sport and hadn't even known it existed. But after five years, countless early morning practices, the devastating loses, and the miraculous wins, Barri cannot imagine a summer without it. What's made field hockey worth it though is the girls she gets to call her teammates and the incredible relationships they've built along the way. 

A sport that has a season in the fall really begins the summer. Barri and the field hockey girls begin their practices in early July, right after the school year ends. They have to be there nearly every morning at a quarter to six. As Barri comments, it's not exactly fun. The girls run a lot and have to push themselves beyond their limit, but it works out because this training leaves the team well conditioned for the games they face ahead. This year, for example, the girls beat Saint John Vianney, local rivals, 2-1 in overtime for the first time in six years. Back in Barri's freshman year, the girls tied the number one team in their conference, Rumson, 0-0. For Barri and her teammates, it felt like winning a championship. 

Like their victories, nothing ever came easy. After not being put on varsity her sophomore year, Barri gave 100% each time she stepped on the field. Now, she starts all varsity games. Barri describes herself as a far more confident defensive player but not without the help of the girls standing beside her like Brianna, Hannah, and Mia. Team bonding is central to the field hockey team, and the players host pasta parties or go apple picking. Since they are constantly together for 3 months, the girls are nothing short of family. The most important thing Barri has learned through playing is who has her back, both on the field and off. 

Stripes, Boots, and a Green Jacket

Going out for some casual holiday fun with your friends? Today, Barri has on a chill women's winter fashion idea for December into January photographed against a charming little restaurant called Bart's on Matawan Main Street. To lead off, Barri is wearing a pair of black, lace-up combat boots complimented by a pair of white socks. Next, she has on black skinny jeans followed by a ladies' black and white striped shirt. And finally, Barri is dressed in a green twill parka with cozy faux fur lining the hood to complete this awesome winter fashion inspiration. 

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