The Confidence that Accompanies Sneakers + 2 Ideas for Styling Streetwear

Shoes pull an outfit together.
— Joe

The Face Behind the Fashion: Joseph

The culture around sneakers has been a continuously growing community with music even centered around shoes. For Joseph McDaniel, every pair he owns holds a special meaning. He always goes after the sneakers that speak to him, are unique, and are rare. Joe also remembers the first expensive shoes he bought, Jordan 11 Concords, which everyone around him also sought after. These sneakers also changed how Joe carried himself. He felt an increase in confidence and a change in the way he walked. Joe comments that there's a certain attitude, a certain swagger, and way you hold yourself that accompanies these high-value shoes.

Surprisingly, Joe's mother was on board with her son's new love for sneakers. With support from his mom, Joe went to a lot of sneaker conventions were he bought, sold, and traded different pairs, eventually making profits along the way that went towards new shows. In these transactions, Joseph felt more grown up as he bartered with other adults for the best deal. Most importantly, Joe sees his sneakers as an investment too, especially as exclusive brands and styles tend to skyrocket in price. Today, Joe's collected around 30 different pairs of shoes, each with a story behind it. After a few years of growing this collection, he's decided to put a hold on adding more.

Joe has shifted away from buying more shoes and has geared himself towards buying more clothes that emphasize them. He finds that a lot of people were nice sneakers, but they don't have the right outfit to match. No one piece of a look can make it great; rather, all the pieces must work together in tandem. For Joe, shoes are usually the focal point of his apparel. As for finding the rest of the clothes, he says it's like a scavenger hunt. You want to find the perfect jeans, shirt, and accessories for a specific pair. This post itself is an extension of that idea, with Joe presenting two awesome streetwear ideas. 

Back with 2 Solid and Styling Streetwear Looks

Due to the holidays, the fashion blog has been on a hold for a bit, but it's back and with a bang. Joe is rocking two different outfits for a bit of street fashion inspiration. His look above starts with Air Jordan 3 True Blues that set the color choices for the rest of the clothes. Following this pair, he's got on black moto jeans, a Ferragamo belt, a red crew neck from Dreamville Records, and a Chance the Rapper 3s hat. However, the flair of the outfit comes in the form of a light wash, embroidered rose denim jacket from PacSun, one of the most awesome pieces this season. Moving on, Joe is wearing a second street look that begins with Jordan 12 sneakers that also set the tone for the rest of the outfit. His pants are ecru colored jeans followed by a classic black tee and a red and black check flannel shirt that is an ode to his first appearance on the blog over a year ago (click here).

Similar to outfit one: sneakers, jeans, belt, crew neck, denim jacket, hat

Similar to outfit two: sneakers, jeans, tee, flannel