The Youngest of Four + Coats, Button Ups, and Chelsea Boots

Stick with and be close to your family. They are all you have.
— Enir

The Face Behind the Fashion: Enir Radoncic

Many things can make a family special, but what sticks out to Enir is that despite his family's large size, they are all incredibly close. Enir Radoncic has three other siblings: Denir, Dalila, and Endila. With a lot of kids, there might be a lack of communication or understanding, but Enir and his siblings are quite the opposite. They share a special relationship and friendship where they have each others' backs, a kind of ride or die deal. Of course, they each have their own friends and circles that they trust, but it's the family that's there for comfort and support. Family means everything, and Enir's parents and siblings are the backbones to every situation. 

Families always begin with mom and dad. Enir's parents are immigrants from Montenegro and grew up very differently than their kids who grew up in America. A central pillar of the family is also the sport of soccer, and Enny's dad used to play in his home country. Watching his children play now in some of New Jersey's most prestigious teams, Enny's father is proud to see his kids are seizing opportunities that didn't exist where he came from. Denny, the older brother, has even been accepted to play Divison 1 soccer at Loyola Maryland. Certainly, for the Radoncic parents, the most important thing is making sure their kids have all the tools to become successful. 

Knowing that their parents are always there for them, the kids are always there for each other too. Denny has always been pushing his little brother, Enny, to his limits and has a strong belief in his little brother. The two are almost always together, and it's bittersweet to watch Denny leave for college this June. Yet, Enny will make the effort to watch as many of his soccer games as possible. Enir's relationship with his two sisters, Endila and Dalila, isn't so different either. Although they spend a lot of time in college or working, Enir cherishes the chances he gets to see them. Also, by being the youngest, Enny gets to witness the great people his siblings have become.

Mixing Casual and Formal for December Fashion

If you need an outfit for the holidays, Enir's December fashion has you covered. His mix of formal and casual sets a nice tone for those family get-togethers. Starting with the shoes, Enny's first wearing a pair of men's dark brown Chelsea boots and ripped black denim jeans. Next, he has on a suave men's purple gingham shirt and a dark brown braided belt. Finally, to keep warm, Enir's also wearing a long black hooded coat. With a much darker palette, his look encompasses the more nighttime feel of the season too. No matter the occasion this month, Enny has on an awesome men's winter fashion idea. 

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