A New Relationship Phase in a New Year + His and Hers Classic Winter Outfit Vibes

It’s always better to have someone by your side to help you than to go through it alone.
— Evelyn

The Faces Behind the Fashion: Matt and Evelyn

Relationships are like a beach. Some days it's calm and beautiful, and some days it's like a storm. But the strength to weather the rough and tough is essential to success. Today's December into January fashion featured individuals are Matt and Evelyn who've been together for a year and a half. Matt recalls why he decided to fall for her: her weirdness, honesty, and constant smile. What drew him in first still draws him in now. He also remembers trying to get her attention and trying to connect with her before their relationship began. When they finally started dating, still young and new to relationships, they had an awkward phase until time finally allowed them to create an unpredictably strong romance. 

As Evelyn comments, they grew more comfortable and trustworthy of each other, not letting small battle turn into wars. They've learned to solve their problems together. Along the way, Evelyn and Matt have discovered that their relationship is more than just being a couple. It's about being support systems, study buddies, and ultimately, best friends too. Evelyn has realized that it's better to have someone by your side than to try to do it all alone. They are both heavily involved in difficult studies and sports but share a powerful motivation to complete their goals. Evelyn does mention that she's a bit more competitive and Matt's more mellow, but they always encourage each other to keep working hard.

Their favorite memories include the holidays and exploring their childhood towns. As the new year approaches, they aim to make new memories. Yet, they also plan to improve their relationship. Evelyn and Matt have been through a lot of ups and downs together. They've stumbled and fallen but have always gotten back on their feet. Both are aware that people will try to intrude negativity on their relationship, and both want to improve in determining their own happiness. In the new year, Evelyn and Matt also hope to continue to mature their relationship, which has come a long way. As Matt says, they have a bond that he wouldn't trade for anything else. 

Classic Winter Outfits and Vibes

Shot on the Keyport Waterfront, Evelyn and Matt are giving double the winter fashion inspiration for the new year. Starting with Matt, he's rocking a pair of white Adidas Ultraboost and ankle zip joggers. Then, he's layered up with a classic white tee, red and black check flannel, and a black padded bomber jacket. Switching over to Evelyn, she's looking stylish with a pair of black, over the knee boots and light wash jeans. Her top is a light tan crew neck sweater underneath a cozy dark blue, hooded, padded vest. Together, they've created a testament to both young love and fashion. 

Similiar to Matt's Outfit: sneakers, pants, tee, flannel, jacket

Similar to Evelyn's Outfit: boots, jeans, sweater, vest