Witnessing the Fight Against Cancer + White Winter Parka and Striped Halter Top Outfit

You never know what’s going to happen next.
— Felishia

The Face Behind the Fashion: Felishia

No one really knows what tomorrow holds. Life is unpredictable, and it will spin you down paths you could never have imagined. For more than four days a week, Felishia, today's winter fashion featured individual, is in New York City, a whole hour train ride from home, visiting her boyfriend, Jason, who has been battling acute myeloid leukemia. This rare form of cancer, incredibly rare in those who are still teenagers, affects the blood and bone marrow creating an excess of immature white blood cells. For Felishia, it's difficult to see someone she holds so dear suffer, but luckily Jason keeps a positive attitude, trying to smile through it all. 

Jason's treatment can be challenging at times. Cancer is unpredictable. Although cancer is a physical fight, it is also a mental one. A bright outlook on the situation is a crucial part of increasing survival. Although Jason has his highs and lows, Felishia always sees him laughing and smiling to the point where sometimes she forgets his sick. He continuously cracking jokes and tries to keep spirits high around him. Felishia is watching him grow stronger every day as a person although his body has may become weaker. Certainly, by taking an active role in Jason's struggle, Felishia has also had the opportunity to create a strong relationship with her boyfriend. 

Through these experiences, Felishia has learned that life is best lived in the moment and to be kind to all those around you because you truly don't know what someone else is going through. Never in a million years would Felishia imagine something as devastating as cancer fall upon someone as near to her as her boyfriend, but as she mentions, that's life. You can never fully guess the next day's events. What you might be going through in the moment may be extremely hard, but everything happens for a reason. In the end, we all grow stronger from our struggles, even if they don't make sense right now.  

Help in Jason's fight by visiting this link.

Today's Awesome Winter Fashion Inspiration

As per today's fashion, Felishia is showing her sense of style for the winter, shot in front of McDonagh's in Keyport, New Jersey. Starting with the most quintessential piece of the season, Felishia is first wearing a white winter parka to battle the cold. Underneath, she is rocking a striped, black halter top and is also wearing a pair of ripped light wash jeans for the bottoms. Finally, her shoes are black high knee boots which match her halter and are a vital part of any winter wardrobe. For a taste of holiday and December fashion, Felishia does not disappoint. 

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