Flannels, Boots, and Sunny California

The water sparkled from the sun rays that sparkled through the bridge. It was breathtaking.
— `Marissa

The Face Behind the Fashion: Marissa

It's a whole new world to explore out there on the west coast of the United States, and for today's February fashion featured individual, Marissa, it's a place she could spend the rest of her life. During her last spring break, Marissa took the opportunity to visit California, and it gave her an indescribable feeling. Being that she's coming to the end of high school, Marissa also went around the West Coast's best colleges including UCLA and Stanford. The dream of living in California and receiving a higher education there has motivated Marissa to push herself in her studies now in order to get that acceptance letter. For Marissa, it makes her heart drop and her chest tighten at the thought of being denied a college life there. She's never cared about anything so much, and the Golden State is the place where she finds peace and solace. 

California is one of the largest states, and it's no wonder why it's one of the most diverse both geographically and culturally. During her adventure, Marissa, who brought along her friend Meghan, explored both the San Francisco Bay Area as well as the metropolises of Southern California. Her favorite place was a suburban area called Dublin, a district of San Fran. From there, Marissa was able to see the Fisherman's Wharf, a waterfront tourist attraction influenced by the city's once strong fish industry, and she also got the opportunity to take a ferry under one of California's most iconic landmarks, the Golden Gate Bridge, where she saw the water sparkle from the rays of the California sunshine.

Among other things Marissa saw exploring the state were San Jose's prestigious Santana Row shopping center and Venice Beach in Los Angeles. The spring weather made the beach still a bit chilly and windy with the water still cold, but the sunset was priceless. Marissa describes it as just like those pictures we see posted on social media about the California sunsets. The West Coast is a huge change up from where she lives in New Jersey, all the way on the other side of the country. As much as Marissa loves her home, the California vibe of palm trees and year long warm weather has captivated her. The people are much more easy going, and the life style is much more relaxing. It's something that Marissa prays she gets to be around forever.

Today's Women's Flannel look

Today, Marissa is presenting her own style of teen winter fashion rocking a simple but awesome look. Beginning with the outside, Marissa's wearing a cozy red and blue flannel to present a pop of color for her apparel. Underneath that is a knit gray mini dress to add a neutral tone to her palette. Finally, she ends her set with a great pair of ladies black over the knee boots. If it's ever Flannel Friday at school or at work, Marissa is without a doubt providing a solid and interesting take on it. Yet, no matter what day of the week it is, Marissa's apparel will surely be a source of winter and even spring fashion inspiration.

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