A Bit of Valentine's Day Fashion

Love is so many things that it’s indescribale until you experience it.
— Mike

The Words of The Face Behind the Fashion

They say that love is one of the strongest forces in the universe. It has the power to bring people together, and its absence can cause distance between families, groups, communities, and even nations. This Valentine's Day, love should be recognized as more than just between two people. It deserves to be everywhere shared with all different beliefs, races, shapes, and sizes. Today's Valentine's Day fashion and February fashion featured individual, Mike, is still a young man, and he admits that he has a lot to learn about love. Yet no matter the age, we can all say a little a bit about what we think love is, and that's what Mike is telling for today.

Mike's a suave young man, and he'll have no trouble finding a date, but on a larger scale, Mike believes that love is the most powerful feeling in the world. He says that love is understanding, caring, protecting, and listening. There's so many things that it's almost indescribable until you experience it. Mike adds that today's world is a place where its very difficult to find love because many minds have the idea that it has to be in the perfect shape and form. People care too much about physical attributes, and it muddles the beauty within. Anyone whose experienced love though knows that not even that is perfect and nothing ever is or will be. 

To Mike, love is also a whole other worldly feeling when you know you can connect with someone on a greater and different level. It can create emotions you never knew you could have, and most importantly, love drives people to drop everything just for someone else. Mike still has yet to experience such feelings with a partner, but he's surely felt love by his family and friends. Finally, this young man knows that we existence on Earth with too much hate and judgement, and that the best way to fix it is to learn to love regardless of whether we're white, black, poor, or rich. Love doesn't always have to be romantic and is possible no matter the circumstances.

Diamonds and Roses for Today's Look

For today's Valentine's Day fashion, Mike is a shining example that men can look impressive in pink! The heart of his outfit, of course, is the pink Diamond shirt decorated with the brand's name in cursive intertwined with roses. For the rest of his apparel, Mike's also wearing a pair of classic men's white high top vans followed by some black chino pants. Then, to keep a bit warm in the heart of February, he has on a men's lightweight black jacket to match his bottoms. These last three pieces really allow Mike's shirt to be the centerpiece, and while strutting this look, he'll have no problem attracting the ladies this holiday. 

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