American Dreams and Moto Jackets

It’s because they want to achieve the American Dream.
— Alexandra

The Face Behind the Fashion: Alex

Back again rocking her February fashion in the gleaming snow is Alex who is the daughter of two Mexican born immigrants. Her parents came to this country when they were relatively young, and they came for the same reason people have came for centuries: the American dream. It's the dream of making it in a country founded on freedoms. We don't have to make millions, have a big house, or a lot of fancy cars to achieve it. All it requires is opportunity and making a life better than the one that came before it. Success in America is more than the amount of money in a pocket; it's about the possibilities and the pursuit of happiness.

Alex's father left when he was only fourteen from the town of Oaxaca. Once he reached the states, he began doing odd jobs to get by and eventually made his way up to New Jersey. Her mother came from Monterrey, a family oriented town full of cousins, uncles, and aunts. It's an incredible little place, but Alex's mom left to study at the University of Texas in Austin. Eventually, she made her way up to Jersey too and met her future husband there. They had three beautiful girls, but on their journey one thing was lost: closeness to the family back in Mexico. It wasn't until Alex went back with her mom that caused her to realize that. No immigrant is without sacrifices.

The mother's side of Alexandra, as said before, lives in Monterrey. Her extended family welcomed her with open arms when Alex came to visit, and it was incredible to even think that her mom left all these great and warm people behind. During Alex's stay, every Sunday the aunts, uncles, and cousins would go to her grandma's house. There was no privacy with her thirteen cousins in a small home. Room at the table was scarce with so many mouths to feed, but there was never a shortage of food.  Out on the streets of Monterrey were local shops owned by friendly people who lived right next door. There was a large sense of community in Monterrey,  and Alex surely misses it. Life must have been amazing in that little town, and if so, why did Alex's mother leave? Some immigrants don't always come from a struggle, but every immigrant has something in America that they didn't have back home. That something is the possibility to become anything they set their mind to and the opportunity to be greater than they ever could have been back home.

Battling the Cold in Stunning Style

Alex is rocking her own style of teen winter fashion. Although she's known on the blog for her killer poncho looks, Alex is presenting something new while retaining her apparel personality. Starting at the base of it all, she's wearing a stellar pair of brown, high heel, peep toe booties which where a tad bit cold out in the snow. This is followed by some women's black denim jeans that flow right into an awesome striped turtle neck sweater filled with blue, red, gray, and white. Finally, Alexandra also has on a women's green moto jacket that perfectly completes the look. She's definitely looking stunning for today's winter fashion inspiration! 

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