Colorful Love and Colorful Apparel

Being excluded gave me empathy for those outside the majority and an openness to accept differences in others.
— Kasey

The Fight of the Face Behind the Fashion

Any family filled with love is a success one, and Kasey, who's today's February fashion featured individual, comes from a family who is just that. Yet along the way, they struggled and faced a battle like many others, a battle of inequality. He remembers when at last his parents were wed and joyously raised clasped hands. It took a whole decade, but finally, Kasey's moms were finally married. Growing up, this young man never saw his folks as anything but usual. As a little kid though, he was known as "he-who-has-two-moms" following Native American day in kindergarten. His five and six year old peers were increasingly curious to his family dynamic, but in reality, they truly were no different because at the heart of it, the relationship of his mothers was just the same love.

For ten years, from when Kasey was a toddler to a teen, he experienced two legal battles for same-sex marriage. His mothers were involved as plaintiffs in New Jersey, and it exposed him to government proceedings, public forums, and press interviews. As a plaintiff himself down the line, Kasey challenged the state's views on the matter as well taking the issue as his own. He couldn't quite understand why his family was labelled as second-rate and regarded as less worthy.  Yet, this was more than just a fight for his moms or their marriage, it was a fight for justice, the same kind of justice people fought for in the 60s during the Civil Rights Movement.

No civil union or domestic partnership could ever make Kasey and his family finish their struggle. It wasn't over until Kasey's mothers would be put on the same pedestal as any other married couple. As they took steps to their goal, the teenage advocate would learn the best way to send his message was through openness and kindness. He witnessed the bitter nature that others could have towards his beliefs, but fire could no be fought with fire. Kasey and his family would suffer multiple court losses, legislative defeats, and even a veto. Eventually, they did win in September of 2013, and finally, after years, his mothers were united and married the following month. For Kasey, the ceremony made it impossible to hold back tears. It seems that even today, the country founded on equality still has trouble accepting it for others. People just forget that love is universal no matter who its between. 

A Display of Color for Today's Apparel

For today's winter fashion inspiration, Kasey has on a display of wonderful colors that'll even be awesome well into the spring months. At the bottom, Kasey's rocking some men's grey chukka boots followed by a pair of men's red chino pants, well fitting for the week of Valentines. For the top, he has on a men's navy blue bottom down shirt to continue his bold hues and is keeping cozy with the addition of a grey wool cardigan. His sweater also provides a lighter tone for contrast of his darker apparel. To match his shirt and pants though, Kasey also has on a hidden pair of popping socks! There's not a doubt that he's looking great in his outfit for teen winter fashion.

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