Dresses, Scarves, and Piano Keys

Anyone has the capability of being an amazing musician with practice and dedication.
— Priscilla

The Face Behind the Fashion: Priscilla

Hitting the keys of the piano has always been an escape physically, mentally, and emotionally for today's February fashion featured individual, Priscilla, and there is no other place she'd rather be. Priscilla's an exceptionally smart young woman, but her true passions lie beyond the paper and pencil in the classroom. For her, music is far more than just a hobby; it's a vital part of her lifestyle. However, she's had her share of doubts and hardships with playing piano. As a nearly fully self taught player, there's a lot of obstacles when the only person to motivate Priscilla is herself, but she always finds a way to overcome whatever is thrown her way.

Priscilla began piano when she was eight years old and hasn't stopped since. She originally learned from her older cousin, Angelica. Priscilla was so amazed by her cousin's talent and even today, still aspires to be like her. Angelica taught Priscilla much of the basics of playing piano, but today's featured individual has been teaching herself much of the harder skills. Nowadays, it's more than just a learning experience. As it is for many people, Priscilla's form of art provides her with a little freedom from the world and all its judgement and drama. Once the notes fill Priscilla's ears, relief from stress is only another measure away. 

In a day and age where it's popular to create covers of preexisting music, Priscilla has also began to write her own. Making new songs is like painting on a canvas. She can make whatever she wants with it, and unlike school, there's no restrictions or limitations. Priscilla can pour her feelings to her heart's content. It's one of the few things that can bring the young lady a pure and true sense of happiness. Yet, piano is also about perfection too. She's never complacent or fully satisfied with her abilities and everyday has to include time for practice regardless of whether that's a few minutes or a few hours. Priscilla's continuous strive to improve has caused the musician to sometimes feel as if she ins't good enough and can cause her to lose grip on her love for music. Any obstacle is really an internal one, but even a little success is enough to draw her back into the game. Her strive to get better is a never ending one.

Today's Featured February Fashion Style

Winter's winding down, but Priscilla's still looking absolute fabulous in her look for a once chilly season. Starting at the top, she's rocking a knit grey and white scarf to keep comfy. Next, Priscilla's wearing a grey cold shoulder dress to continue the flow of color from her neck wear. Finally to finish the outfit, she has on a classic pair of ladies' brown riding boots. Along with a light assortment of accessories, Priscilla's fashion for today will be perfect for a night out on the town during one of these peculiarly warm February into March evenings. You can also check out another great set of apparel by Priscilla here.

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