Jeans, Cardigans, and Making Music

You get to share your take on life with the rest of the world.
— Emily

The Face Behind the Fashion: Emily

Once we are graced with music once in our lives, we tend to stick with it forever. It by no means has to be our profession, but no matter where we go, it'll always be with us. Emily, today's spring fashion inspiration individual, has loved singing since she could talk. Like many of us, she grew up listening to Disney stars and watching American Idol and wanted to be just like them. By the age of seven, Emily created a small band with other girls and was writing her own music about her crushes and friendships. Through the years, her passion has only been growing, and will definitely continue to do so as her life progresses.

Once she hit middle school, the young artist really began to fall in love with music.  Her great aunt had an old keyboard for her, and Emily began to teach herself. She also took inspiration from an amazing friend of hers, Rebecca, who Emily recalls is an incredible writer. Now, Em is focused on a developing a new sound unlike anything anyone has ever known. Her songs revolve around her high school experiences as well as their triumphs and hardships. Music is truly a way for her to let her emotions out but also to savor them at the same time. Emily says that by putting her feelings into words and melodies, she's able to share her life with the rest of the world.

Currently, Emily's involved in plenty of extracurricular activities to keep her immersed which also aid in improving her writing and musicianship. Choir allows Emily to hone her vocal technique. Being in the musicals gives her the opportunity to bring out that emotion and character. Emily's participation in her school's Theatre Arts Academy gets the artist to further her acting and performance abilities. Although not exactly musically related, working on the school newspaper has boosted her writing skills. At all times though, she never keeps paper and pencil far so that she can record any new ideas right away. For the future, Emily plans to have an occupation in mental health as a music therapist.

Today's Early Spring Fashion Inspiration

It's February and there's six more weeks of winter, but why not show a little early spring fashion? Kicking it off with the kicks, Emily's rocking a pair of ladies brown suede shoes, cute and classic! Next, she has on some great women's light wash jeans whose color is just perfect for the upcoming season. This is followed by two more pieces. The first is a women's striped crop top which is layered with a popping ladies' yellow cardigan. Emily's light and bright palette gives off a vibe of glee and delight. She's certainly providing stellar teen spring fashion. Did you also know that Emily was one of the first people featured? Check out the humble beginnings of the blog here!

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