Making Memories with Men's Outdoor Fashion

It’s always great to make memories with great people.
— Alvaro

The Face Behind the Fashion: Alvaro

What was once a new year seems to be moving fast. It's more than halfway past February, and before we know it, it's already March. Then, right before our eyes, it's summer again, everyone's favorite season. For today's men's outdoor fashion featured individual, Alvaro, his summer plans are already in the works, and he's counting down the days. Along with his older brother, Carlo, Alvaro plans to explore and adventure around the nation from east to west, north to south. For just a single country, there seems to be a whole world of activities that can fill a lifetime. Hopefully, the memories today's young man gets to experience are memories that'll stick with him for a lifetime. 

It'll all begin with a unique trip to New York, only a little ways from Alvaro's home of New Jersey. Yet, it won't be just an regular Times Square and Broadway type of excursion. Alvaro and Carlo plan to do 50 things around the city that many wouldn't think of on the surface and all under $30. They plan to see hidden subway stations, independent films, free concerts, the Museum of Modern Art, as well as secret theaters. Then, the two brothers plan to take their trip even further to see San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle, Arizona, and beyond in order witness places like the Golden Gate Bridge, Sears Tower, Space Needle, and Grand Canyon. It's a journey that Alvaro's brother has taken many times, but it's the first where Alvaro gets to join him. 

At the end of the day though, it's more than just a simple vacation. It's an opportunity for Alvaro to truly seize his youth because after all, neither him nor his brother will be this age forever. For now, the two are still trying to be active and trying to do new things. Alvaro adds that whenever he's with Carlo, it's a always a guaranteed good time that ends in lasting memories. Being that his brother's in college too, Alvaro doesn't see him too often anymore, and it's a rare occasion when the pair get some quality brother bonding time. Yet, whether it was a cross country adventure or a little day trip, their time together will be something that Alvaro will cherish well into his adult years.

Today's Apparel for the Great Outdoors

In an extension of his yearning for exploration and adventure, Alvaro is rocking an outfit quite characteristic of that. First off for his February fashion, today's featured individual is wearing a green, white, gray, and black checkered flannel shirt. Over that, Alvaro also has on a men's navy blue jacket to battle the outdoors. Next, he has on a pair of men's black denim jeans which flow down into a pair of men's brown lace up boots that are great for day in the forest or out fishing on the lake. Regardless of what adventure it is, Alvaro's apparel is definitely a great go to for men with a mission.

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