Rising Stars and Street Outfits

The ride with our success has begun.
— Brian

The Rising Star Behind the Fashion: Brian

If you have a dream, you should follow it. If you have a goal, you should keep trying to meet it. That's the mentality of Brian, a young artist in the making and today's February fashion featured individual. Brian began his roots in music when he was 8 and sang in a nearby mall's karaoke night where he won tickets to Six Flags for his performance. A few years later, he joined his middle school choir where he received a solo in his very first year. It set him up to conquer his high school's performing realm, and Brian began his freshmen year in the arts department's vocal academy. He was a bit nervous in a new environment but the confidence he soon gained set him up for an even greater pursuit of music. 

In his junior year, Brian's high school choir, with him singing another solo, won competitions at the county and state level. Knowing he could take his talents to the world, the young artist began recording music at studios where recording companies are looking into his musical aspirations. He certainly has a gift and has been working with A & R, 300, and Atlantic Records. Many of these places have written music for the likes of Usher, Omarion, Jhene Aiko, Bryson Tiller, Post Malone, and many more. Brian's being guided towards more musical fame with distribution deals from both Universal and Warner too.

Yet, Brian isn't in on the industry alone. His brother known as Joey Lavish, a Jersey rapper, has been working with him to produce a single that'll be available on all platforms this year, a music video shot in New York, and many more big things to follow. Brian's dreams of becoming a professional artist are soon coming true. Through dedication and sleeplessness nights grinding out tracks, Brian won't stop until he reaches the top. He still has to finish up his senior year in high school, but even a little work there can't stop the rising star from realizing his goals. Brian is an example of how more hard work means getting closer to our aspirations. 

Today's Featured Men's Street Outfit

Brian's great talent is accompanied by a great men's street outfit for today's fashion inspiration. Starting on the outside, the young artist is rocking a men's black nylon jacket with hints of red and white. Underneath is a floral baseball jersey that reminds us of the warm, bright, and coming spring season. Next, Brian's wearing a pair of men's chino jogger pants followed by some black 6-inch Timberland boots to complete the apparel. Brian's combination of dark shades followed by popping colors definitely creates an interesting and appealing look for men's urban street style. We're definitely in love with the outfit!

Make this look: boots, joggers, shirt (1), shirt (2), jacket (Recreated to the best match on online retail)