Turtlenecks, Fringe Vests, and Defending the Goal

And I ended up being pretty good at it.
— Kacey

The Face Behind the Fashion: Kacey

When we first step onto the field, sometimes we're making a life long commitment. Kacey, who is today's February fashion featured individual, began her soccer career right after she could take her first steps. Since then, she hasn't quit playing and has been participating on high school and league teams. Next year, Kacey will be playing Division One soccer in college. The sport has been a huge part of her life, and she's definitely had to make a lot of sacrifices for her schedule. Yet, it's all paid off in the end. It's all about pushing yourself to the limit and striving to be the best; however, at the core, any sport should first be fun. We wouldn't do it if we didn't first love it, and this is what Kacey loves to do. 

Kacey's origins in soccer begin in her home town. Although she is now a goalie, her mindset wasn't always that way. It wasn't until her coach put her in the net that Kacey realized she was pretty good at it. The athlete knew that she also had to take her potential out of town and into a league in order to reach her best. In turn, Kacey joined the MatchFit Academy travel team that recruits from all over her state of New Jersey. With the group, she's played all over the country including places like Florida, California, Washington, and Texas. Her team even qualified for the national tournament In Richmond, Virginia where they placed fifth in the country.

Now, Kacey's got even bigger things planned for her. The following semester, she'll be playing for the University of Vermont whose in Division One for the American East Conference. In August, she'll head up north to begin her preseason where the training will begin. The up and coming athlete definitely has a chance at becoming a starter, but that won't come without a great deal of effort and work. For the mean time, she's conditioning herself in her high school's weight room before going to college. This is without a doubt something Kacey's excited for, and her life may have taken a completely different route if she never began playing soccer. 

Kacey's Outfit for Women's Fashion Inspiration

Kacey's way more than just a great athlete; she's also got a great sense of style for today's fashion inspiration. Starting at the bottom, Kacey's wearing a pair of ladies' black riding boots followed by a pair of classic denim jeans in a light wash. This is followed up by a ladies' black turtleneck sweater that matches her shoes. Finally, she's rocking the center piece of her apparel, the tan fringe vest that carries the lighter palette of her pants. Kacey won't just be taking her skills to Vermont, she'll also be taking her awesome fashion sense too! Good luck in college, Kacey. We wish only the best for your endeavors!

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