The Fashion of a Filmmaker

Every film I make is a test of my creativity.
— Mark

The Filmmaker Behind the Fashion: Mark

Now we're always talking talking about the pursuit and passion of art whether it be musical or visual, but today's March fashion featured individual, Mark, brings a new form to life: TV production. His curiosity about how shows were made captivated him, and Mark's found love for it has caused him to take the class all four years. Throughout his high school career, Mark's made countless shows, skits, and films that have been a source of prime entertainment for the school. It's not only inspired the students to watch but has inspired the man himself to keep pursuing a career in the production of television and maybe someday movies.

Television production means a lot to Mark, and he enjoys school because of it. Even if he isn't fond of many of his classes, Mark can guarantee that at least forty minutes will be fun. The course also symbolizes his creativity because he gets to take whats on paper and put it on film. One of Mark's favorite works is the reoccurring Every Man on the Street where he comes up with a question for the month and interviews staff and students to see their opinion. One such inquiry included whether or not a hot dog was considered a sandwich that caused quite the uproar in the school community. Mark's also filmed the student's mannequin challenge, another favorite of his, where he was able to observe people coming together to create a piece, and it turned out to be a huge success.

Mark comments that television production is like when sports teams compete, the band plays, or when the school newspaper writes. It gives his peers something to enjoy and be proud of that their high school has. This also allows students to look forward to new creations of the TV course, and the class itself can be a great source of new friends. Knowing he has the support of his classmates, Mark wants to continue on with his journey of film making in college and make it into a career. His dream is to one day see his name as a producer on the big screen, and as long as Mark keeps on working as hard as he is, he'll definitely achieve that dream down the road.

Today's Classic Men's Sweater Look

The young, talented filmmaker is showing off his own spring fashion inspiration for today's post. Mark's outfit is first composed of a men's black v-neck sweater which has a men's blue gingham shirt underneath, a piece of apparel that always looks great on everyone. Next, Mark's rocking a pair of classic denim jeans that go along with the shade presented in his shirt. Finally, he is wearing some men's tan chukka boots to finish his composition. Beginning our series of March fashion, Mark's presenting a great sweater look for the closet of any man. Maybe someday, Mark'll be styling this outfit on the sidelines of a hit production.

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