Men's Fashion: Shades of Blue

There were more cows and animals than people!
— Andrew

The Face Behind the Fashion: Andrew

Everyone in the United States salutes to the same flag, but with this country lies very distinct regions whose characteristics shape the lifestyle of the people living there. Today's February fashion and teen winter fashion individual, Andrew, spent the first few years of his life in the hustle and bustle of living in New Jersey, just under New York City. Although quite a while ago, Andrew remembers when his whole life got flipped upside down because his family moved from the Northeast to the South. His new home had a different pace, different people, and different attitudes. Andrew calls it a place with more cows and animals than people!

When he was eight years old, Andrew and his family moved to a small town called Louisburg, 45 minutes away from Raleigh, North Carolina. It was big change from city life to the country. Over there, Andrew lived between a cotton field and a farm with 30 black Angus cows. He had grown up seeing animals in the zoo back in Jersey, but it was an interesting experience to see them walking outside his house and across the street. The pace of life was also much slower in the South too. Back in Jersey, he comments that people move fast to get things done but down there, it was about taking your time. Usually though, taking your time could have better outcomes than rushing. 

The reason for the move was so that Andrew's mom could open a small restaurant called Country Moments which was located in the heart of downtown Louisburg. They served all kinds of food and even had a small country home decor shop in the front. Andrew recalls that there was always a great crew in the restaurant to operate it, and they always centered on making the costumers happy. His favorite dish to eat in his mom's place was classic Fried Chicken with coleslaw and mashed potatoes, and he would also occasionally help out with the registers or serving with the waitresses. However, his time in the South would come to a close. After a few years, Andrew moved back up to Jersey since his dad had been working there and the family wanted to be whole again. No matter what, his time in North Carolina will always be a pivotal part of his childhood.

Shades of Blue for Today's Featured look

Andrew's presenting his own style of winter fashion inspiration for today's featured look! Certainly, his outfit centers around different shades of blue, but his contrast of light and dark keeps the outfit rocking. On the outside, Andrew is wearing a men's blue flannel with a light blue crew neck shirt underneath. Next, he has on a pair of classic denim jeans that work great with his flannel. Finally, he ends his apparel with a pair of dark brown boots to perfectly complete the set. Andrew's choices are definitely great for the winter but will surely be awesome even well into the spring! No matter the season, Andrew's still providing some stellar teen fashion inspiration.

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