Women's Black and White Tribal Cardigan Look

I came into my freshmen year as a determined warrior.
— Hadassah

The Face Behind the Fashion: Hadassah

Her name is Hadassah, and besides being today's February fashion featured individual, she's quite the force to be reckoned with. With a near full ride to Alderson Broaddus University, Hadassah is both a full time athlete and student who's currently studying mass communications and public relations. On a daily basis, she has to juggle being the school's sports commentator, having a job, at least five hours of softball practice, and her classes. It's never easy, but her hard work and devotion is already landing her future job opportunities at FOX sports and ESPN. Hadassah's presence in college has also been able to cement the her new nickname there: Das.

When she began her studies in West Virginia, Hadassah took on the name Das because it was originally difficult for her to introduce herself. With a new name, a new school, and new experiences came a new person.  Das developed a sense of confidence where she wasn't afraid to speak when she needed to, and after all, in her game of softball, team communication is key. Speaking of softball, it's been a significant part of her life, and her school even recruited her for it. It's over 25 hours a week in practice, but for Hadassah, it's only built strength and perseverance. Nowadays, she's also added something else to her list, being a sorority sister in Phi Kappa Delta, another great honor.

Sports haven't just been important in Hadassah's life; it runs in her blood. One of her closet cousins, Vinny Curry, was drafted and plays for the Philadelphia Eagles.  Ever since people had found out they were related, they assumed Das was equally as gifted in sports (and she is). Yet, the athlete wasn't going to fall into anyone else's shadow. Many thought that she would attend Marshall University where Vinny went, but she declined. Hadassah would forge her own paths. Right now, she's following her own destiny not just in sports but in academics too. Hadassah had a 3.75 GPA last semester and made it to the Dean's list at her own college, Alderson Broaddus University. She might be blessed, but Das's success also comes from being a determined warrior.

Today's Featured Fashion by the Shore

For today's featured fashion look, Hadassah's keeping it real with her shades of blacks, grays, and whites. Beginning at the base of it all, she's rocking a pair of ladies' black riding boots followed by some light colored pants to contrast the dark tone. Next, Das's wearing a classic black long sleeve shirt to match her shoes. Finally, there's the two very well put together pieces of apparel. One of which is the hooded tribal cardigan that goes absolutely perfectly with her ladies' knit headband in a tribal pattern as well. For today's winter fashion inspiration, this rising star is proving that she's even got a great fashion sense too!

Make this outfit: boots, pants, shirt, cardigan, headband (Recreated to the closest match on online retail)