Dresses, Cardigans, and a Piece of Argentina

Since I was born, he only spoke Spanish to me.
— Julianna

The Face Behind the Fashion: Julianna

America was built and pushed forward by immigrants who bring in a piece of their home country when they settle here. Eventually, their children become a mix of both American and that of their mother country, inheriting both cultures from their family and their environment. Today's March fashion featured individual, Julianna, is a daughter of Argentinian descent whose father was born there. Growing up, her father only ever spoke to her Spanish, and he still does today. In order for his children to grasp their culture beyond the language, Julianna's dad brought the family back to his native home where the kids received a greater understanding of the world their father grew up in.

For two weeks, Julianna and her family visited the South American country. They spent many of their days sightseeing and walking for miles. Julianna saw her dad's childhood home in Lomas de Zamora and all the relatives who still lived there.  She also set foot on the beach of Mar de Plata where her father went to as a kid. Compared to America, a lot more children grow up crazy for soccer, and Julianna also got to see her dad's favorite team's stadium too (as well as Lionel Messi but on a different trip). In the capital of Buenos Aires, she also visited the Casa Rosada which translates to Pink House, the equivalent of our White House. It was amazing experience to immersed herself in a foreign country she had been learning about all her life.

For her stay in Argentina, Julianna learned to appreciate everything she had because some people in other countries such as Argentina have very little. Yet, one thing most people will always have no matter what is family. For her vacation, Julianna received a lot more family time, something the busy life in America can't always afford. She also got a taste of another big cultural aspect in her stay, the cuisine. Popular foods in Argentina include empanadas and facturas which taste even better when made in their home country. Argentina is also known for its asados, large family barbecues. As a whole, Julianna is grateful she got to see the other side of heritage from the food to the landmarks and hopes that she can explore into other countries some day too.

A Perfect Women's Look for Spring!

The March weather has largely been all over the place, but hopefully, it'll calm down soon. Luckily, when it does, Julianna's spring apparel will be perfect! Starting at the bottom of it all, she's rocking a pair of cute women's white boat shoes with a brown accent. Matching her shoes is a women's white mini dress. Over that is a light green, open front cardigan to introduce a nice shade of color. Finally, on her wrist is a classy rose gold watch which is definitely a perfect accessory to finish the look! For today's spring fashion inspiration, Julianna, without a doubt, has the ladies covered with her assortment of awesome apparel!

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