A Little Bit of Men's Vintage Fashion for Spring

Art evokes the mystery without which the world would not exist.
— Rene Magritte

The Face Behind the Fashion: Tyler

As much as we love to create art, it is equally important to appreciate it. Once in a while, it's important to put down our pencils and brushes and observe what came before in order to understand what is still yet to come. Each year during the spring, today's men's vintage fashion and March fashion featured individual, Tyler, would visit the Museum of Modern Art located in Midtown Manhattan with his family and observe the marvelous creations of the past. As an art lover, Tyler understands  the statement every piece portrays, and it's hard for him to see such works go underappreciated these days.

Art is largely a reflection of human existence, and what's present at the museum is an extension of that thought. Through years of visiting, Tyler has developed a series of favorite works. One of which is the Water Lilies by Monet which depict the simple beauty of the nature around us. Another is Matisse's Dance which shows multiple nude figures but proves that our own bodies can be a basis of art as well. Tyler also favorites the popular Starry Night by Van Gogh that has largely been a symbol of western culture. He also takes a liking to the sarcastic connotation of The Persistence of Memory made by Salvador Dali, and for him, Magritte's The Lovers is both raw and thought provoking. The collection available to view is truly a wide range of different styles and artists which are all distinct from each other. 

Tyler's love for art also stems from the fact that it's also a medium in which to call political and social attention. It has no limits and can be progressive and daring. Art has taught Tyler that everything has value and meaning as well. The pieces found in the museum also symbolize the city its found in, New York. Both the city and the collection embody a sense of diversity of ideologies and culture but at the same time a sense of unification. Every person and work of art has their own stories and secrets. No two pieces and no two humans are exactly alike and that's the beauty of both art and the world we live in. 

Today's Featured Spring Fashion Inspiration

The art we get to portray everyday as individuals is our own style of fashion. For today's featured spring apparel, Tyler's presenting a great vintage look! Beginning at the base, he's wearing some men's black leather lace up shoes followed by a pair of men's brown corduroy pants that are cuffed at the bottom. This is followed by a classic white t-shirt which is underneath an awesome burgundy coach jacket from Brooklyn College back in 1986. It's a piece of clothing that's older than Tyler himself, but he's rocking it nonetheless! It just goes to show that just like art, there's some pieces of fashion that are just timeless!

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