A Plaid Scarf and Knit Sweater for Fashion in the Snow

It made it a reality that people could have those kinds of struggles.
— Katie

The Face Behind the Fashion: Katie

Winter's made a comeback as we enter into mid-March. Yet, no matter the season or weather, it's always a good time to give back to our communities. Katie, today's source of late winter fashion inspiration, talks about a time in the beginning of the season when she had the opportunity to make the day of a few little kids who've lived through tough experiences growing up. All the way back before Christmas, Katie, along with her friends in their school's civic leadership program, were able to "adopt" families from the Emmanuel Cancer Foundation and give the children, Meghan and David, gifts they'll never forget.

It's heartbreaking that these kids, still in elementary school, had to battle cancer so early in life. Specially for them and their families, Katie and her group were able to raise an astounding four thousand dollars from bake sales, "Caroling for a Cause," face painting, and help from a local church. Some of the things they were able to give these children were iPads, bunk beds, and a mini Audi car. The parents were also able to receive checks of five-hundred dollars. Katie mentions that it was amazing to see Meghan and David open their gifts, and it drove Katie to tears. It was a reward in itself to be able to be a part of such an event.

Even though they each had eye sight issues, Katie remembers that these kids were enthusiastic and energetic. She'll never forget meeting them for the first time and making a connection with the children. Even after what they've been through, the kids still had an abundance of joy and happiness proving the true nature of the human spirit. The experience has also sparked Katie's love for helping others and has encouraged her to keep pursuing a career in psychiatry. It's given her a new sense of gratitude too after realizing that some people aren't as fortunate as we are and can go through a lot more struggle even at a much younger age. 

Today's Winter Fashion Inspiration

After experiencing a few days of perfect spring-like weather, winter strikes the East Coast one last time (hopefully). During this time of sudden snow, Katie is rocking her style of March fashion for this late snowfall. First, she's wearing a pair of blue Hunter rain boots well suited for the outdoor environment. This is followed by some classic denim jeans that lead up into a warm and cozy women's white knit sweater. Finally, to finish her look, Katie's also wearing a ladies' plaid scarf to perfectly accent the other pieces of her outfit. Looking cute in the cold, Katie is surely providing awesome late winter fashion inspiration.

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