Rollin' With A Men's Embroidered Denim Jacket

Stay positive because there are more races to come.
— Charlie

The Young Runner Behind the Fashion: Charlie

We run life one day at a time, one race at time, one second at a time. In track, a fraction of a second determines winners and losers, but today's March fashion featured individual, Charlie, has a countless amount of victories. Growing up, Charlie knew he was fast, but it wasn't until he joined track that he realized just how fast. In his first year, he had already broken the school record in the 400 meter. This was the beginning of a prosperous track career that keeps getting ever more impressive with each meet. Yet, after state titles and some of the quickest times, today's runner, who's rocking some awesome street fashion, comments that there's always room to improve, even if its just by a hair.

Nowadays, Charlies's favorite event is the 800 meter, and his favorite memory is racing at the Meet Of Champions which is the largest competition in his state of New Jersey where the biggest stars at the high school level compete. His school also won, completing their largest goal and becoming their crowning achievement. Their success, however, comes from tough training. Charlies's coaches are still pushing him to be the best runner he can be making him do longer running intervals since that's where the young man tends to struggle. It's definitely not his preferred regimen, but he says to have faith in your coaches' methods. An athlete won't get any better if he or she doesn't. 

Charlie was rookie of the year in his freshman season and has multiple relay state titles, but track means more than just numbers and awards. For him, it's also a way to take school off of his mind and to just have fun with teammates while also making unforgettable memories. He also mentions to stay positive. An athlete won't always hit that expected time, but there's no giving up because as Charlie puts it, there will always be another race. If Charlies can keep on this path of hard work no matter the outcomes, he sees himself continuing the sport well into college. He still has some time before then though, for sure enough time to break a few more records. 

Today's Featured Men's Late Winter Style

Before he changes into his attire for track, Charlie is always seen rocking some men's urban street style. He's got on a couple of layers today to keep warm in this late winter snowfall, and it begins with a stellar men's embroidered denim jacket decorated with flowers on the sleeves. Underneath that is a cool combination of a navy flannel shirt and a cream hoodie. His pants are a pair of men's ripped black skinny jeans, and to match the base piece of his top, Charlie has on a set of Old Skool Checkered Vans. Definitely, Charlie's apparel is a very well put together composition that'll surely be awesome even well into the coming spring season. 

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