A Touch of Green and a Life of Song

You reveal all your emotions in the most raw way you can.
— Kayla

The Voice Behind the Fashion: Kayla

Unknown to most people, there's a realm of high school oriented choruses available for exceptional singers, and Kayla, today's March fashion featured individual with a hint of green for the recently passed St. Patrick's day, was part of the New Jersey Women's All State Choir where only the cream of the crop are accepted. Kayla immersed herself in an environment where everybody shared the same level of intense love for their art. For three days, she sang with young ladies who couldn't stop singing or talking about their united passion, but as much as it was fun, All State was equally as challenging. Within a weekend, Kayla was required to memorize an entire concert, allowing her to learn new vocal techniques and pushing her to the limit.

Kayla and her prestigious choir performed at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC), and she mentioned that it was a most beautiful venue. One of her directors told the girls not to take a picture and post it because the outside world didn't deserve the view of the stage that they worked so hard to be a part of. Even without a photo, it will be a sight that Kayla will never forget. Their conductor, Eleanor Daley, was also the composer of two of the concert's pieces including the final song, "These Things Shall Never Die." It was an experience like no other to witness her conductor's musical vision become a reality. This only aided in solidifying a life long engagement with singing for Kayla. 

Those few but long days also created valuable friendships. Kayla was able to bond with her roommates, Shirely, Becca, and Weronica, in between the tough rehearsal schedule. They all felt the same way about their art and carried a dedication and passion during All State. Without such drive, this honor choir would have been miserable, but for them, it was far from it. After everything was sang and done, Kayla returned to her high school vocal academy ready to spread the value of her new experience. One of the most important things she got out of All State was that choir is a team building activity where a group of individuals work as one to spread a single feeling and emotion.

A Little Bit of Green for St. Patrick's Day

Following a chilly St. Patrick's day, Kayla's styling an awesome look for a bit of a cold beginning of spring. At the base, she's rocking a pair of ladies' brown wedge boots followed by women's black denim jeans. The next part of her clothing is composed of two more pieces. First is the dark cropped tank top underneath a dark green open front cardigan, characteristic of the recently passed Irish holiday. Finally, Kayla's wearing a ladies' knit beanie, cozy for what seems to be the last stand of this snowy season. For today's winter into spring fashion inspiration, Kayla's is presenting her own flair of March apparel.

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