Running with Classic Black and White

Everyone is at their own pace in life.
— Julie

The Face Behind the Fashion: Julie

First we learn to crawl, and then we learn to walk. Once we learn to walk, we learn to run. Some people turn that human instinct of running into a passion including today's March fashion featured individual, Julie. With a mother who ran track during high school and college, it wouldn't but long until Julie's mom would encourage her own children to begin doing so as well. Along with her older brother, Julie has made running into a life long love and is constantly competing all year round. The athlete knows that on the track is were she belongs since it fills her desire of being fit and in shape. It's also given Julie an even stronger connection to her family and comments that she's a perfect puzzle piece to running. 

Julie participates on her high school's cross country, winter track, and spring track teams. She's working out nearly every day of the week in a desire to keep improving. Her usual training consists of multiple hard laps in order to prepare herself for the 800 meter, equivalent to half a mile, one of the longer contests in her sport. During the summer, Julie's doing the same workouts but in a club for the season, and it provides some of her favorite experiences. Her coach's supportive nature there has caused the team mates to be supportive of each other as well. Even though track is a lot of individual events, the cohesive bonds between athletes makes Julie feel like she's truly part of a team. This makes every meet a really great experience, win or lose.

Before finding running, Julie's gone from soccer to dance to softball only to sense as if she stuck out like a sore thumb. Yet, ever since she began to run a few years back, Julie has never thought of changing to anything else. Her memories made with the sport have inspired her to hopefully keep running in college, encourage future children to run, and even become a coach some day to pass on what she's learned. Track has also taught her to be flexible, focused, driven, and committed which translate into countless other life skills as well. Most importantly, Julie's passion has also taught her that every one goes at their own pace whether its on the field or in the classroom. Some people set a new record every other meet, and some people wait an entire season before beating their best performance. Some run short distances quick, and others run longer. It's helped Julie to appreciate that everyone deserves encouragement regardless of their level, speed, or time.

A Women's Look in a Classic Black and White

For today's spring fashion inspiration, Julie's rocking a classic flowing outfit in black and white. Beginning at the base of it all, she's wearing a pair of women's black heeled booties followed by some ladies' black tights. Over her tights is an eye catching patterned skirt that goes into an awesome women's collarless shirt. What's interesting about Julie's apparel is the transition from dark to light with her skirt acting as a mix between both. Even using just a few colors, Julie's able to create a stellar composition for the spring season. Looking a tad on the formal side, the young runner's outfit is perfect for school or in the workplace.

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