From Brooklyn to Jersey and Sports to Streetwear

They though this would be a better place for a better future. Thankfully, they were right.
— James

The Face Behind the Fashion: James

Originally born in Brooklyn in 1999, James, today's March fashion featured individual, has his early roots back in New York. However, he would be truly shaped into the person he is now thanks to his true home of Matawan, New Jersey. His parents moved into the small town when James was two leaving the urban metropolis that was New York and hoping to give their son a better future and place to grow up. James is grateful that they were right, and Matawan has built up his manhood and discipline. Here, James is able to receive the support and encouragement on an individual scale that sometimes can't be found when there are thousands of other kids to attend to such as in the city. 

Right around his freshman year of high school, James found his niche and the career he wants to focus on: track and field. It's a sport that he absolutely loves, and for James, he feels the sport is highly underrated. Except for in the Olympics, track and field is rarely found on mainstream television like football, baseball, or basketball is. It's the passion that, just like his home town, has shaped James into who he is. Many days, this young man can be found building his strength in the weight room, throwing, or running on field. Yet, there's a lot more to James than solely his athletic side. He's a man of many skills indeed.

Off the field, James also takes a liking to dressing. He's always out to find the best pairs of pants, shirts, shoes, and watches to match his style. Everyday, James strives to dress better than he did before. Doing this, he certainly spends quite the pretty penny on clothing, but instead of focusing on buying the expensive sneakers everyone else has, he centers on what will be well suited to him personally. Feeling presentable has given James a major confidence boost to tackle his day. To end things off, he's not just a big fan of sports, the athlete is a big fan of fashion too. Looking your best plays a big part in performing your best. 

A Men's Street Look for Mid-March

For today's men's urban street style, James is presenting a look geared towards some spring fashion inspiration (even though there's still a bit of snow on the ground). Going from the top down, James is rocking a wounded warrior project hat to begin the black tones replicated throughout his outfit. Next, he's wearing a graphic, grey short sleeve hoodie, perfect for the breezy weather. His bottoms are a pair of men's chino jogger pants, and James's apparel finishes off with a classic set of men's black, 6-inch Timberland boots. These neutral tones work cohesively together to provide an awesome composition of attire for this season's March fashion. 

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