Immigrating from Ireland and a Matching Bandana

I made myself right at home in the states.
— Moses

The Face Behind the Fashion: Moses

Some people move from out of town or out of state. Yet, Moses, today's March fashion featured individual, moved from across the sea to New Jersey when he was five. His origins begin in Moscow, where his two Nigerian parents met while receiving a higher education. They moved from Russia to London, where Moses was born. Then, the new family relocated to just outside of Dublin, Ireland. Here, Moses got not only a little bit of schooling, but an accent that he would carry when he came to America. When he moved to America, it was quite a different environment. As Moses puts it, it's a place where football is called soccer, and what they call football is a completely different sport. 

Before coming to America, Moses's father had gotten a promotion deal to work across the ocean. His father went alone, and although he made occasional visits back, these routine returns weren't enough for a young boy. It was time for the whole family to make the trip, and in his new American home, Moses didn't quite know what to expect. The depiction of this foreign land back in Ireland wasn't always entirely accurate. People in America talked funny and acted weirdly, but Moses had to put his best foot forward even those his Irish accent with an African descent seemed peculiar to this new place. At first, he had difficulty being understood by teachers and students. After some time though, Moses would start to make this country his own.

Moses's favorite part of living in the states and specifically New Jersey is the diversity of culture. In Ireland, he felt limited in terms of the different people he would meet. Here in America, people from every nation and walk of life are represented. Ireland also centers around Catholicism while just like cultures, all different beliefs can be found in the America. Before moving, Moses went to a school with a set, preppy uniform, but now he has the freedom to wear what he chooses in an any style he pleases. Having the ability to explore new tastes in fashion and a variety of ways in life in his acquired home of New Jersey has truly allowed Moses to blossom.

A Great Match for Today's Spring Fashion

For today's spring casual outfits, Moses is rocking his own unique style. Starting at the bottom, he's wearing some green high top sneakers followed by a pair of men's chino jogger pants. His top is formed first by an outer layer of a men's black hooded jacket with a white patterned button down. Excellently matching his shirt and adding some awesome flair, Moses also has on a black and white bandana which really "ties" the whole look together. Moses is an example that sometimes just an addition of one little piece can really change the dynamic of the apparel. For this warming season, he's surely providing some stellar spring fashion inspiration!

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