The Keys to an Awesome Grunge Look

Work hard, save your money, and know what’s worth your time.
— Daniella

The Face Behind the Fashion: Daniella

The energy granted to a younger generation is a gift, and some people like Daniella, today's March fashion featured individual, harness that gift. Dani put her energy into her work where she hoped it'd pay off and grant her access, by smart saving, to buy the things she wanted. After two years of work, Daniella was able to her first car, a 2006 Honda Accorda in beautiful condition. It may not have been new, but in this day and age, perhaps buying things used is the best economical option. The most important part though is that Dani's very happy to have finally gotten her dream car; however, it was not without sacrifice. Nothing in life is free, and through hours and hours, Dani has learned the true meaning of hard work. 

Dani began a job at McDonalds when she was first legally allowed to, at fifteen. She carried multiple duties including being a cashier, a food runner, and managing the drive thru. Daniella eventually moved over to the famous cheese steak and sub chain restaurant, Jersey Mike's were her job changed to making and wrapping sandwiches. Yet, when the location became overstaffed and her hours were cut, Dani went over to a nearby bar and grill, MJs, where she still works. Today, She's a hostess who has to seat people and keep the arrangements organized. Sometimes customers can be rough but it's all about making sure they have a good experience. On her current schedule and on top of school, Dani has to work 7-8 hours at least 2-3 days a week, not exactly easy to balance.

As said, after months of saving, three separate jobs, and weeks of looking for just the right one, it all finally paid off when Dani got to turn the key in the ignition of a car that was all hers. It meant going out when she wanted to, being independent, and most importantly, having a new found sense of freedom. Yet, the payments have just begun. A car comes with its responsibility, and Daniella also has to pay for gas and insurance which she has to do all on her own. Dani was raised to understand the value of the dollar, and she knows she can't just be handed things. In the end, it's taught her how to manage her time and know how to save up for the things in life that truly matter.

Rocking an Excellent Women's Grunge Style

Dani was one of the very first people to appear on the blog, and she finally makes an awesome return! For today's spring fashion inspiration, Daniella's rocking a women's purple flannel shirt whose deeper tone workers well with her dark grey tank top. For the lower half, she's wearing a pair of women's ripped denim jeans which flow down into a great set of black and white checkered slip on vans. She's definitely presenting a stellar combo and a more grunge style that's definitely a source of spring fashion inspiration. Dani's outfit is surely one we're digging! Who says you can't work hard and look good?

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