An Outfit Ready for a Rainy Day

I began to try to be more positive everyday.
— Eric

The Face Behind the Fashion: Eric

An outfit can be only as good as the attitude behind it. Anybody can rock anything as long as there's confidence in the look. Confidence in a look is perhaps the single most important thing that can propel it from 0 to 100 especially if the goal is to impress someone. Today's March fashion featured individual for this rainy spring day is no other than Eric, an intelligent young man with ambition and style. These days, Eric is out to look his best and in a couple of cases, to catch the attention of girl. Who can blame him? We've all been there, but with a bit of positivity, Eric's got all he needs to turn heads.

One thing to really appreciate about Eric is his presentation, especially his hair. It's great to see guys try out new colors, and changing originally from black, Eric's new hue to definitely one that suits him very well. He's experimented with a lot of styles, sometimes short, sometimes long, but this one's in the middle with the right amount of flavor and texture to it. Eric definitely isn't afraid to try new things, and although these new things can take getting use to, it can be worth the risk. They say that changing your hair can be one of the most eye grabbing things, and along with complimenting apparel, there's no shortage of appeal.

Perhaps one has the hair and the look, but no outfit is fully complete with out the attitude. Clothes are really an extension of our personality. We can conform it to how we feel, what we think, what we believe. It's a medium of self expression. Yet, there's always one thing that never fails, and that's a smile or at least a little grin. Life isn't happy all the time, but by portraying a little of postivity, we can instantly make ourselves more charming. Of course, having a bit of a scowl too couldn't hurt because the outfit can also call for a bit of seriousness. Luckily for Eric, no matter his expression, he's always looking great, and that's truly a special kind of gift. 

An Outfit Ready for a Rainy Day

As we inch closer to April, there will never be a shortage of spring showers. However, for today's fashion inspiration, Eric's come prepared with spring apparel perfect for the weather. The first thing he's got on is an popping men's green utility jacket to portray the main color of the month. Underneath is a classic, black, long sleeve crew neck which compliments his outerwear well. It also matches his black lace up boots for an added aesthetic. Finally, Eric's also rocking a pair of men's khaki chino pants, a versatile piece for the well dressed with its neutral tone. To top if off with an umbrella, Eric is ready to battle the drizzly elements.

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