The Source of a Smile and April Apparel

The bad days only make the good ones a thousand times better.
— Gabby

The Face Behind the Fashion: Gabby

The only way of getting over the fear of the unknown is to accept it. Those of the words of today featured April fashion featured individual, Gabby. She's come back to the blog to share a few words of how true happiness is a mental state. No amount of material goods or success can put a smile on someone's face until they can truly appreciate it. It's ironic how the richest people in the world who have everything still long for more but the people who have very little can be the ones who are the most content. We are also a society that worries very much especially about the past which cannot be changed instead of looking forward to future or living in the moment. 

As Gabby says, accepting that we aren't in control of everything is the best way to put our mind at ease. We're all part of a huge Earth. It was here before we existed and will be afterwards. We might be small, but that should only be reason to look for the most important things instead of letting insignificant dilemmas get to us.  Most importantly, true happiness comes from within. If there isn't a reason to be satisfied with our lives, its up to us to make one no matter how much or how little we have. We all also have our low days, but Gabby appreciates every single one she's had because they only make the good ones that much better.

Going along with the topic of letting go of control, people nowadays worry too much. They worry themselves to death of things they can't change instead of thinking about what they can. Many times, we as a society tend to come up with scenarios in our head that scare us but will realistically never happen. As Gabby puts it, sometimes people get too caught up in what won't be that they never get the chance to look at what has. One thing that we'll never get to change is the past. We spend too much time thinking of what could have happened that we don't see what will. There's a reason why the front windshield is larger than the rear-view mirror. We'll never truly know what the universe has in store for us, but if we can accept that we don't have control all time, we can all be a little bit happier.

Some Classic Women's Apparel for Spring

Gabby's starting off a new month with a fantastic outfit for the April showers that will hopefully bring some beautiful May flowers. Beginning at the top, Gabby's rocking a beige rain coat, the focal point of her look. Underneath is a simple yet versatile ladies' white cami. Her pants are a pair of ripped yet classic denim jeans which transition down into black heeled ankle booties. Although it didn't rain, Gabby's for sure ready for any impending storms and is definitely starting off the new month right with some stellar spring fashion inspiration. We're loving both her April apparel and her words of wisdom for today's post!

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