A Cozy Shawl Collar and a Love for Cars

The turbo makes us car enthusiasts go crazy!
— Austin

The Face Behind the Fashion: Austin

Cars have come a long way from their humble begins over a hundred years ago, and since then, these marvelous works of engineering have stirred the love of many people. One of which includes today's March fashion featured individual, Austin, who's grown up learning about cars. If you asked anyone in his school who's in love with cars, they'd automatically say Austin's name. He's very proud of that fact, and he loves automobiles more than you could ever imagine. Austin's passion for cars is one that's transcended his childhood into his teen years. Hopefully, it'll even turn into a career some day.

Growing up, Austin was continuously exposed to vehicles and their potential due to his father's work at Bavarian Motor Works, better known as BMW. Austin's dad has taught him so much throughout his whole life, but he took it further and began to educate himself as well. The car enthusiast has read countless forums, handbooks, articles, magazines, and just about anything there could be about cars. Sometimes people don't know what Austin's talking about, but when they do, they're surely impressed. As a car guy, Austin's also very hands on. He enjoys working on vehicles in the garage, the sound of a spinning ratchet, the exhaust note, and the blow off of the turbo. 

As part of his high school curriculum, Austin's will be studying at an automotive vocational school to further expand his knowledge. Following his graduation, he wants to go to Lincoln Tech where he can receive a trade degree. Someday, Austin also hopes to become a FIA World Touring Championship Driver racing across the globe. He also dreams of becoming a Grand Touring Endurance Driver at the 24-hour event at the prestigious Le Mans track in France where the best cars of today are pit against each other. When it comes to cars, there is no shortage of career paths, options, and aspirations for young people like Austin.

A Classic Look for a Well Dressed Young Man

No matter what you love, anyone can have a great sense of style and that includes Austin for today's spring fashion inspiration! Starting off at bottom, he's rocking black, leather, plain toe boots followed by a pair of men's grey denim jeans. At top, Austin's wearing a men's patterned button down shirt in white underneath a cozy grey shawl neck sweater. On his wrist is a classy silver watch as a stellar accessory to add to the look. Austin's put together apparel centered around neutral tones which never fail to work well together especially with his combination of lights and darks. For today's March fashion, Austin is presenting a prime look for any well dressed man. 

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