A Little Taste of Women's Spring Apparel

I am firmly convinced that there are very few problems that can’t be solved with a homemade chocolate chip cookie.
— Ocheze

The Face Behind the Fashion: Ocheze

As she blended bits of Betty Crocker cake mix with Oreo bits and chocolate chips flying around the kitchen, Ocheze, today's spring apparel and March fashion featured individual, had inadvertently spurred a life long love for baking. Although it didn't come out the way she intended, Ocheze and her other seventh grade friends tasted a new work or art. This would be one of many creations the young chef would soon make. Beginning somewhere, Ocheze first used prepared cake mixes that required very little effort but eventually worked her way up to making things solely from scratch. From then on, her baking repertoire has only been expanding. As a girl who's involved with cheer leading, science, and theatre, this passion would only add to her collection of talents (that by the way, got her into Stanford).

As Ocheze implies, the best way to get better at anything is to challenge yourself. She has often spent hours pursuing new recipes on the internet that include the likes of "Deep Dish Skillet Cookies" or "Blueberry Zucchini Cake." Every new prospect gave her a new sense of excitement, and as each dessert was created, another was only a list of ingredients away. Overtime, the oven became a close friend with baking a vital part of her life. Ocheze even took her love into the class room studying the chemistry of how chocolate chip cookies were made or creating treats for fellow students on Valentines day. At football games, she'd work with her fellow cheer leaders to sell brownies as a form of fundraising. 

Aside from a delightful dessert, the true icing on the cake for Ocheze is being able to make others happy with what she does. Yet, it also brings her a great sense of joy as well. At the same time, she questions how this fits into her wide variety of interests including math, science, trivia, medicine, and school spirit. In reality, baking encompasses many of her personality traits and comes together to give Ocheze a new sense of innovation from trying to perfectly measure ingredient ratios to adding her own flair to instructions. Through this passion, today's featured individual is able to express herself in a way that nothing else can while being able to taste it at the same time. To this day, Ocheze's positive that almost any problem can be solved with a sweet and simple but made with love, homemade chocolate chip cookie. 

Today's Featured Women's Spring Apparel

Besides her baking abilities, Ocheze also has another trick up her sleeve: a great outfit for early spring fashion! Starting at the bottom, she's presenting a pair of ladies' black heeled ankle boots followed by a matching women's black mini dress. The center piece of her outfit is found over her dress, the women's light blue cardigan. It's a long and flowing article of apparel that perfectly represents the bright nature of the coming spring season. Her outfit's made of a few simple things, but just like in baking, there's a certainly beauty in such simplicity. There's no doubt that Ocheze's providing some awesome fashion inspiration this March!

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