Classy, Classic, and Casual for Men's Early Spring Fashion

I wanna make the best of the time we have left.
— Layton

The Faces Behind the Fashion: Evan, Ray, and Layton

If you ever need to know what time it is, these three fine young gentlemen have you covered. Their names are Ray, Layton, and Evan, and they're today's March fashion featured individuals who're presenting some classy, classic, and casual men's fashion. Their story goes all the way back to their childhood. These boys originally grew up together living only a few doors down from each other in the same neighborhood. During elementary school, they all had a shared bus stop. Little conversations soon turned into hanging out, and hanging out turned into forming life long relationships. These three boys have stuck together for years, and it's not doubt that they'll stick together in the future too.

Evan mentions that the crew has never had a falling out because they understand each other well and know each other's boundaries. Ray adds in that each has their own personality but their differences and similarities are what fuels their friendship every day. Layton also includes that the boys just click together like pieces of a puzzle. At the core of it, these young men always keep it real with each other and center around communication. They say that it's a big reason why they are rarely at odds. Nobody ever gets between them, and they void their bonds from outside influence. Layton, Ray, and Evan stay true and are a group of guys down for a good time whenever the opportunity presents itself.

The crew's been together for years and have had a lot of fun, but unfortunately the boys are coming to a close in their senior year which means college is right around the corner. However, this doesn't constitute an end to the trio's relationship. Just like now, the boys will keep communication key in the next few years apart. Before they leave, they have a chance to recall their greatest memories whether it was playing basketball at Ray's house or stopping by the store to get a few snacks after school. Their goal for these last few months before graduation is to enjoy life together as much as they can. Luckily, the three boys still have one more spring track season to run for some more good times!

Three Men's Styles for Early Spring Apparel

Evan (left), Layton (middle), and Ray (right) are each presenting their own unique style for classy, classic, and casual men's fashion. Evan's classy spring apparel consists of a stellar pair of black leather loafers followed by some men's black ankle zip pants. His top consists of a cozy men's beige turtleneck sweater and finishes off with a superb gold watch. Layton's bringing some classic fashion to the table with his Yankee's bomber jacket, men's champion hoodie, a pair of men's light wash denim, a gold watch, and white ultra boosts sneakers to present an awesome street look. Finally, Ray's looking cool and casual. He's rocking a lot of white with a light white jacket, white headband, and white watch which together are ascetically pleasing. This young man is also wearing a popping men's teal t-shirt along with men's black twill pants and grey sneakers to complete the outfit! For today's spring fashion inspiration, each young lad is showing off his own unique, individualistic style!

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