An Outgoing Style for an Outgoing Person

One day you realize what’s important and what isn’t.
— Angelina

The Face Behind the Fashion: Angelina

To come out of your shell is a process that differs from person to person. There are those who are born ready to put themselves out there, and on the contrary, there are those who take a bit of time to really blossom. The most quiet people as a kid can one day become the most outgoing adults. All it takes is time. Angelina, whose presenting her own fashion style for today, admits that she use to be very shy and quiet because she feared being judged by the others around her. Kids would pick and pester Angelina back in her young years. As a result, she was afraid to be herself. This was all until Angelina reached high school, and like a click of a switch, she began to started to become a whole new person.

There's no real explanation as to what turned on inside of her. As Angelina says, one day she just realized what's important and what isn't. What people said began to matter less, and her own self perception began to matter much more. In high school, she also found new passions and further developed old ones. Angelina's discovered a love for exercising and as a result of being more outgoing, fashion. It's become another way to express herself, and she's personalized it to her own liking. Yet, the self progression still isn't over yet. Maturing and growing older is a continuous journey, and everyday, Angelina finds that she's a little more ready to tackle the world around her.

Today, Angelina's very proud of who she's become and the strength gained along the way. Her struggle of yesterday will only make her stronger tomorrow. Growing on her own has also taught her something key: don't compare ourselves to others. The best results come from taking our own path. By looking at our own achievements instead of those of others, we truly realize how far we've come. It gives us the opportunity to be proud of what we've fought for. Just as said before, life's a story of growth and improvement. Our goal, like Angelina's, should always center around being better than we were as individuals instead of what society wants us to be.

Today's Fashion: Matching Blue and Black Tones 

For a little bit of April apparel, Angelina is showing off her own style for the spring season. On the outside, she's dressed with a dark blue button down shirt that adds a nice sense of distinction to her tan striped sweater underneath. To continue those blue hues, her bottoms are a pair of classic denim jeans, which never fail to work with an outfit. At the base, Angelina's wearing a pair of black heeled ankle booties that match her black braided leather belt. By presenting similar tones throughout the look, Angelina's made an aesthetically pleasing outfit for this week's spring fashion inspiration. 

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