Preview: April Diskko Drop

The Creative Director of Diskko: Hunter

Presented today and back again is the skate and fashion brand Diskko who's been working around the clock both domestically and internationally to grow their brand. Currently in the works is their April drop including a few of the awesome pieces seen in this shoot. Talking about the brand today is Hunter, the creative director. He's in charge of all company designs and products including the new Cherry Blossom Long Sleeve Tee and Fade 6 Panel Cap for spring streetwear. Yet, he's more than just sharing his latest designs. Hunter's also given an insight to what Diskko means for him, the struggles, the workload, and the sweetest parts of working for a growing company.

Going From Digital to Physical

Diskko is like a canvas for Hunter. It's an opportunity to express his creative abilities with the world. He gets to watch his own sketch come alive into a final product. That's actually his favorite part. Seeing people wear something that he started making on a computer is definitely coolest portion of his job. It's an art that can truly come alive. His work doesn't come without challenge though. It can be a little bit repetitive to create various files for printing, production, and online retail, but it's all about the grind. At the end of the day and through it all, Hunter really does enjoy what he does. 

Garage Screen Printing to Worldwide Manufacturing 

Hunter sees himself continuing with this brand well into the future doing many of the same design tasks; however, the amount of tasks will keep increasing as the brand expands. He's currently looking into cut and sew manufacturing for the future, and Hunter's also studying how to design clothing models suitable for mass production in worldwide factories. It'll certainly be a lot busier once Diskko reaches this stage. Looking back on their progress, Diskko has come a long way from screen printing in their garage and is now on the verge of the next step to take their clothing to the masses.

 A Little Preview of Diskko's April Drop

This mid-spring drop will consist of these two products shown in today's shoot that was taken at Deep Cut Gardens in Middletown, New Jersey. The backdrop of the area certainly complimented today's featured pieces of apparel especially the Cherry Blossom Tee which perfectly fits the spring time vibes and features details across the front and sleeves. To match the shirt is also Diskko's Fade 6 Panel Cap in pink and white that revolves around a disco ball to embody the namesake of the brand. This hat will also come in four other great colors providing further fashion options. Stay tuned for more Diskko and full coverage of their drop later this month!

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