A Pair of Wheels, A Pair of Vans

Everyday comes with an adventure, and it’s the adventures that make experiences.
— Zach

The Face Behind the Fashion: Zach

Growing up, if there was one mode of transportation that never failed when all else did, it was a bike. Yet for many kids, it's more than just two wheels because biking can become an exciting sport in the form of BMX. Showing off his spring street fashion is Zach, an avid rider who's been in love with BMX for as long as he can remember. His main environment for his passion is the street using handrails, curbs, stairs, ledges, and banks to create new challenges. In Zach's case, one man's neighborhood is another man's obstacle. Although indeed a little bit dangerous, the thrill of a new trick to be learned is why Zach has become so involved in this discipline.

What Zach enjoys about BMX is the element of competing with himself since accomplishing new heights is largely its own reward. Even an old trick can be difficult again when given a new obstacle to tackle it on. This allows Zach to have new experiences everyday, and with BMX, there's certainly a near infinite number to have. It's as if the next ride awaits another adventure. He's been given the ability to push himself too, and  Zach realizes that the only way to get better at what he does is to practice. In any passion, we all also have our idols. A rider who Zach appreciates is Austin Augie, a New York vlogger who also enjoys grinding out his own path in the BMX community.   

There's no rule that says we can only have a single passion, and everyone has to freedom to have more than just a single interest. Zach himself has been expanding his horizons into the world of photography doing his research and saving money for a high quality camera of his own. Luckily for him, he has the ability to tie both BMX and photography together by capturing lasting moments that he'll never want to forget on his day to day adventures. Perhaps some day, we'll even see Zach vlogging and making awesome videos about his own BMX experiences which are always unique every time he gets on his bike. 

Returning Back to Our New Jersey Fashion

Today's spring fashion inspiration is a return back to a little bit of New Jersey and street style. Starting at the base, Zach's rocking a pair of brown Old Skool Vans that matches his brown hooded jacket very well for a cool atheistic. Moving on, his bottoms are a pair of men's green chino pants with a top that's a men's camo t-shirt. These two pieces also both share similar tones. This young man has definitely put together a lot more earth-like colors to highlight the regrowth of nature during the spring season. While continuing our series of great men's street outfits, it's also clear that Zach's look highlights the vibe of his BMX passion. 

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