A Lovely Pink Bomber Jacket for Spring

Try new things. If not, you’ll be missing out on a lot of opportunities.
— Yasmeen

The Face Behind the Fashion: Yasmeen

When we're put in front a crowd we have two choices: to let our fears take over or face them. Not everyone's born with a drive to just take the spotlight, but it can be taught over time with proper exposure. Today's April and spring streetwear fashionista is Yasmeen who's the sister of blog regular, Sarah. However, the younger comes with her own story to tell which is one of growing acting experiences. Yasmeen has developed a love of performing and acting. It's one of few things that allows her to open up and counter her shyness. By speaking in front of large crowds, this also puts her out of her comfort zone. We applaud her because a life lived out of the comfort zone is a progressive one.

To enhance her skills. Yasmeen has enrolled herself in performing arts classes in her high school. She enjoys portraying different characters and getting the feel of what other people are thinking. The ability to express such emotions makes being on the stage an exciting experience, but it's also a bit of a nerve racking one. A challenge she faced was fearing messing up or forgetting lines which is scary in front of a big audience. Overtime, Yasmeen has shifted her mindset to focusing on what's fun about acting instead of what's frightening. She just has to keep moving forward and not worry about outside opinions because at the end of the day, the most important one is her own.

Yasmeen's intent isn't necessarily to pursue acting forever, but the skills she learns here will stick with her for a lifetime. In the future, she'll be able to be more confident in any career path she chooses and less afraid to tackle new things. As Yasmeen says, we shouldn't be fearful because if we are, there are potential missed opportunities. There's always to going to be a set of obstacles, and it's important to be able to have the mindset to tackle said obstacles. We exist to keep creating new experiences, even if they're difficult, instead of being scared and staying in the old ones. It's through performing that Yasmeen was able to achieve such a view point.

Styling the Women's Pink Bomber Jacket

Yasmeen is reviving our favorite fall trends and rocking them for today's spring street fashion! Beginning with the outwear, she's wearing a lovely women's pink bomber jacket to add a nice bit of flair for the look. Underneath, Yasmeen has on a simple but nicely included women's black graphic tee. Yasmeen's bottoms are a pair of classic denim jeans, always versatile, and she completes the look with the popular women's white Superstar Adidas. We're definitely diggin' this set of apparel for a little spring fashion inspiration!

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