Dad Hats, Button Shirts, and Becoming an Adult

It’s the end and the beginning at the same time.
— Mike

The Face Behind the Fashion: Mike

It's a hard thing to like school. Not many people enjoy waking up in the morning and having to go directly to an environment filled with work, but then again, doesn't everybody live that? Education is like a stepping stone, a preparation of a life to come. Yet, there's one major thing that separates this young existence from one of an adult, and that's the ability to let loose and have fun, an ability we have to cherish before it gets taken away. As Mike, today's April fashion featured individual, nearly completes his senior year of high school, he begins his transition into college and one day into the labor force. Looking back, high school was both the time of his life but also a time to work his butt off. 

There's a popular motto: work hard, play hard. High school has its fair share of parties and fun, but before that, it's about the grind. It's the period where your hard work could set you down your future path that's maybe to college and eventually into a career. The lessons, morals, and knowledge we build up in our adolescence will translate some day into our adult lives.  Mike admits that he was a person who messed around a lot, didn't listen, and didn't take things seriously. Now, he's turned around his mindset, and it's never too late to do that. To have a positive future we must first develop a positive present. 

It'll be a tough transition to leave the building that's been responsible for many fond memories over the last four years. Senior year means a lot to him too, and turning eighteen marked the beginning of adulthood with greater priorities. College with hopefully be just as or even more enjoyable but even that comes with a lot more responsibility. It's the end and the beginning both at the same time for Mike and his fellow classmates. Some day down the line, Mike will be able to appreciate all the struggles, assessments, teachers, recollections, and friends that have formed him into the fine young man he's been made into.

The Featured Men's Street Look of the Day

Mike's back on the blog  and presenting his flavor of street and spring fashion inspiration for the month of April. First, he's styling a pair of men's white high top vans that transition up into beige chino pants. To match his sneakers, Mike's then rocking a classic white t-shirt underneath a men's blue short sleeve shirt that's perfect for the warm sixty degree weather. To top off the look, he's also wearing a beige dad hat, a piece of apparel that can really add a lot to an outfit. All together, his street look is definitely going with the vibe of the graffiti environment of today's shoot as well as the attitude of this new month.

Make this outfit: sneakers, chinos, t-shirt. button up, hat (Recreated to the best match on online retail)